Travis Barker's Jarring Collab With Liquid Death Sells Out Instantly

Liquid Death Canned Water recently partnered with Travis Barker to create a rather unique collectors' kit. Dubbed the Liquid Death Enema of the State Collectible Enema Kit, the limited-edition collection comes with a single 19.2 oz can of Liquid Death water and a "custom-branded enema bulb," per the Liquid Death website. The website also notes that the bulb is meant to be an art piece, not a medical device.

You can buy an 8-pack of Liquid Death on Amazon for $12, but Barker's special collab is priced at $182. Yes, $182 for a single can of water — albeit autographed by Barker himself — and an enema bulb art piece. That being said, the collection still sold out within hours of launching. It's unknown whether this was due to die-hard Liquid Death drinkers or fans of Blink-182's "Enema of the State" album coming out in droves to buy the enema kit. Either way, we don't really want to know what people are going to do with their new collectibles.

What is the hype surrounding Liquid Death?

Liquid Death came onto the scene in 2017 and sought to give party-goers a cool look while allowing them to stay hydrated. We can't argue with the water-in-a-can logic, to be honest. What's more, many people have pointed out that the aluminum can helps keep water colder. While drinking cold water doesn't really boost your metabolism all that much, some feel it does taste more refreshing than, say, room-temperature water. 

This unique water brand is immensely popular among consumers aged 18-25. As a result, environmentally-conscious Gen Z individuals may be doing more than just adhering to its slogan: "Murder your thirst." Aluminum cans have a comparatively higher recycling rate of 68%, per Reuters, so a preference for drinking Liquid Death could bode well for the environment. Plastic only has a recycling rate of only 3% and contributes to unfathomable amounts of waste in landfills. 

Liquid Death has been valued at more than $700 million and is available at countless retailers, such as Whole Foods, Kroger, and CVS. With flavors like berry, mango, lime, and melon, as well as sparkling versions, Liquid Death has undeniably set itself up for a pretty cool future even without Travis Barker's unique collaboration.