Kroger's New Upcycled Bread Has A Lot Of Things In Common With Beer

We're used to the term "upcycled" being thrown around when it comes to clothes and furniture, but with food? Not so much. That being said, Kroger is making some big changes by partnering up with Upcycled Foods to sell upcycled bread.

So what exactly is upcycled bread? According to Supermarket News, Kroger's new breads made use of "leftover grains from the brewing process." In other words, whatever grains don't get used to make beer are repurposed to make bread, rather than being thrown out. The store will sell two varieties of upcycled bread — Seeded Multigrain and Multigrain Quinoa — each of which contain 10% upcycled ingredients.

Per Progressive Grocer, each loaf costs about $5.99. Although this may seem a bit expensive compared to regular white bread, the price is pretty comparable to Kroger's other multigrain breads. Sustainable living doesn't always have to be more expensive, and we can't deny Kroger is really doing its part in trying to show us this with its collection of Simple Truth upcycled foods.

Yes, Kroger has other upcycled foods on its shelves

Since launching its Simple Truth brand in 2012, Kroger has introduced hundreds of organic, vegan-friendly, and, now, upcycled foods. Simple Truth has more than 70 different vegan products alone, from plant-based meats, to dairy, to cookie dough, but we're here to talk about the brand's upcycled products.

In addition to the two new upcycled breads, Kroger's Simple Truth brand offers brownie, cookie, and banana bread mixes that include upcycled okara flour. Okara, for those who don't know, is actually a byproduct of soy milk, and when dried, okara can be used as flour. Cool, right?

Currently, Kroger's upcycled products are limited to those items (as well as a few varieties of Shameless Pets dog treats), but Kroger's partner in upcycling has a lot more to offer. Upcycled Foods also works with Whole Foods Market, Del Monte, and U.S. Foods to create sustainable, upcycled food products. Let's get upcycling!