We're Rushing To Taco Bell For Sunny Anderson's Custom Burrito Order

Taco Bell may be known for its groundbreaking mash-ups, like the Doritos Locos Tacos, and for its ever-changing menu, which is always featuring some new arrangement of beans, meat, cheese, and tortillas. But Sunny Anderson, Food Network personality and co-host of "The Kitchen," thinks that the chain's biggest hidden gem is hiding right in the bargain section of the menu. When Anderson is craving something from the Bell, she tells Insider that she opts for a classic bean and cheese burrito with just a small adjustment: She orders hers with extra onions and extra hot sauce.

Taco Bell's bean and cheese burritos are pretty simple. As the chain says, "If pioneers had Taco Bell, they probably would have eaten these." The burritos are made with a flour tortilla filled with warm refried beans, cheddar cheese, diced onions, and an enchilada-style red sauce. It makes sense that someone like Sunny Anderson, who is known for loving bold flavors, would want to add extra onions and sauce to such a simple burrito, and the fact that it costs just $1.69 before extras is in line with her relatable, budget-minded dining ethos. And she's not alone in her love for Taco Bell's bean and cheese burrito.

Fans love the bean burrito

It might seem strange to choose something as simple as the bean burrito when visiting Taco Bell, but Sunny Anderson isn't alone in her choice. A poll on r/TacoBell brought out fans in full force, with 821 people saying the bean burrito is good, while 535 people said it's not. "[M]ost people don't like it," one commenter theorized, "but the people that do get it every time they go." Meanwhile, another commenter was shocked by the premise of the poll alone: "How can people not like it??????" 

Some fans gave their own tips for maxing out the flavor and value of the Taco Bell bean burrito. One customer went so far as to weigh their burritos to see if refried beans or black beans would give people more bang for their buck, and found that the traditional refried bean burrito at Taco Bell weighs nearly 2 ounces more on average than a black bean burrito. And those who really crave a hefty bean and cheese burrito are clamoring for an old favorite to return — the half-pound Bean Burrito Especial (via Reddit). We can only wonder how many extra onions and how much red sauce they'd have to include in that one.