Shake Shack Dethrones The Shroom Burger With Its New Veggie Burger

Shake Shack has been a massive force in fast-food dining in recent years. It continues to innovate, with seasonal items like specialty holiday milkshakes and unique product lines like its Korean-influenced offerings. As the brand has grown, items have come and gone, but a recent addition has had some staying power: the 'Shroom burger made with portobello mushrooms. It was (emphasis on was) the most prominent meat-free alternative on the menu, so it understandably caused quite a stir. However, this portobello patty's reign as the only vegetable-based burger at Shake Shack has now come to an end.

Shake Shack recently announced the new Veggie Shack burger. Its patty is made up of a slew of different vegetables and grains. Mushrooms, sweet potato, quinoa, carrots, and farro are all present in the patty and the sandwich is topped with crispy onions, American cheese, ShackSauce, and pickles. Shake Shack mentioned that fans requested the development of this new vegetable-based burger and that it'll be out Friday, May 5. However, customers who use the Shack App can try it starting on May 2. Will Shake Shack fans be quick to drop the Shroom burger for this new entrant into the meat-free space, or will it be a matter of preference?

A new meat-free burger in town

Folks on Twitter had their own thoughts on the Shack's recent announcement. One user Tweeted, "Now make it with vegan cheese and make it all vegan." A not completely unreasonable request, as the reveal of this new burger also came with the release of two new milk-free desserts, a Non-Dairy Frozen Custard and a Non-Dairy Chocolate Shake. Both products are made with NotMilk, a plant-based alternative to milk. Some were a bit more excited about the burger. "... I hope this stays on the will mean I get to eat at Shake Shack more," one user wrote. Others were less interested in the announcement of new plant-based food offerings at all — "Need new shakes ASAP. It's been 4 months." Looks like patience and fast food don't mix.

Having options available for those with dietary restrictions is something fast food establishments have been trying to cater to for years. As something like 10% of Americans over 18 don't eat meat, that's millions of dollars of possible revenue for these chains. Burger King and White Castle both have had permanent meat-free burgers on the menu for quite some time. Although, they do use patties from Impossible Foods, a meat substitute, which is notably different than Shake Shack's patty made of vegetables. Only time will tell though if this new Veggie Shack will reign supreme or play second fiddle to the other meat-free burgers of the world.