Hawaii's Exclusive 7-Eleven Item Makes Us Want To Take A Road Trip

Taquitos, Red Bull, a day-old donut, these things and more can be found at your local 7-Eleven. A haven for your late-night munchies or when you just can't go without a scratch-off and some M&Ms. Your local 7-Eleven may vary, as a lot of locations are franchises. Some may have the newest coffee machines, the hottest Slurpee flavors, or even Twinkies from 2007. However, if you're a resident of Hawaii, there are some things that anyone here on the mainland can't help but be jealous of.

Namely, the Spam Musubi, a small, but hearty snack that residents of Hawaii have been enjoying for decades, dating back to the Second World War. Spam is of course more popular in Hawaii than anywhere else in the U.S. The average person in Hawaii consumes more than five cans of Spam a year. So, it's no surprise the Musubi is a staple of Hawaii 7-Elevens and that it, unfortunately, puts your go-to Buffalo Chicken Rollers to shame. Made locally at Warabeya USA in Waipahu these little bundles of Spam, seaweed, and rice can't help but make us want to book a flight.

Hawaii has it all

Users responded to the video of Spam Musubi being made at the Warabeya factory with varying reactions. One commented that SPAM was "unhealthy," which isn't necessarily true while others were a bit more envious of those who live in Hawaii, "All 7elevens should sell this." Another referenced the history of the snack, "living yo best life... in 1943." Unfortunately, for anyone who does live outside of the islands, SPAM Musubi isn't the only thing exclusive to those 7-Elevens. There's also the Manapua, which is essentially a bao bun, that's local to Hawaii and has filling options like Teriyaki Chicken and Char Siu. Along with the traditional Manapua, there's the dessert-like Hokkaido Pan, which is Japanese in origin and can be found at locations on O'ahu. Not to mention the Chicken Bento and Nori sushi rolls. 

Just to rub it in, Hawaii 7-Elevens still offers items like the classic Taquitos and Big Bite Hot Dogs. A lot of Hawaii 7-Eleven's influence comes from Japan, who they have always had a close relationship with culturally. In Japan, the convenience chain is massive. The country has over 21,000 7-Eleven stores, more than anywhere else on Earth. In Japan, the shops offer all kinds of hot food, snacks, desserts, and drinks. It seems like the rest of the U.S. has a long way to go to catch up to either place, but at least you'll always have those suspicious-looking pieces of pizza and a bag of Cheetos whenever you need them.