Pillsbury Wants You To Forego Flowers For A Dessert Filled Bouquet On Mother's Day

Pillsbury has been around for over 100 years, so it's unsurprising that so many people are familiar with the brand's cinnamon rolls, cookie dough, and toaster pastries. However, if that wasn't enough, Pillsbury is now venturing forth to conquer our loved ones' hearts as well as their stomachs by offering edible Brunch Bouquets for Mother's Day.

According to a press release, Pillsbury has partnered with chef Amaris Jones — who has worked as Rick Ross' personal chef and is also the current chef-at-large at Marcus Samuelsson's Red Rooster restaurant — to design two varieties of limited-edition Brunch Bouquets. Because Jones is the one making the bouquets, they will be available only in the Miami area starting on May 10. Simply place your order through Jones's restaurant Chick'N Jones on DoorDash, pay your $20, and wait for your bouquet to be delivered on Mother's Day.

As mentioned previously, Pillsbury and Jones are offering two types of bouquets: a "Simply Sweet" bouquet and a "Chocolate Dipped Delights" bouquet. Each one features a different assortment of Pillsbury treats, decorated and arranged to look just like a bouquet of flowers (except these are arguably better because you can eat them).

One for chocolate lovers, one for fruit fans

While part of the fun of receiving flowers is seeing those colorful, delicate blooms, Pillsbury's dessert bouquets have plenty of eye-catching hues as well. Between the two bouquets, you have bright reds from fresh strawberries, yellow and pink from icing, and, of course, the pastries themselves. But let's get to the specifics of what each bouquet includes.

The "Simply Sweet" bouquet contains iced cinnamon rolls, biscuits with peach cobbler centers, crescent roll twists with cinnamon sugar and strawberry preserves, crescent rolls with guava and cream cheese, and fresh strawberries. On the other hand, the "Chocolate Dipped Delights" bouquet contains white chocolate-dipped cinnamon roll pops, biscuit donut holes with a coconut pineapple cream filling, crescent rolls with pink ganache drizzle, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

If you don't live in the Miami area and can't order a bouquet, you can make one yourself. Pillsbury kindly shared instructions for preparing each piece of the bouquets as well as tips on arranging them. Amaris Jones herself also shared some brunch tips with the Miami New Times, suggesting people offer sparkling sangria and cold brew as beverages and serve food on "beautiful mismatched plates."