TikTok Exposes How You Can Order DIY Rotel Dip At Taco Bell

Rotel dip is one of those snacks that only seem to appear at your yearly Super Bowl party. Still, we're here to tell you that there doesn't need to be a sporting event somewhere in your vicinity to dig into the cheesy tortilla chip accompaniment. You are welcome to try a recipe for meaty Rotel queso dip anytime you wish. However, folks who don't feel like heading to the grocery store or dirtying up any dishes can also head to their closest Taco Bell to get their hands on this crowd fave – but don't go looking for Rotel on the menu board. Rather, this dip comes together by making a few changes to a fan-favorite dish at the chain: Nachos BellGrande.

As often is the case these days, we have a number of people on TikTok to thank for exposing this ingenious hack, including TikToker @quintellcoleman176, who shared a video about it on April 22. In their post, the TikToker demonstrated how you can get your own Rotel dip at T-Bell by ordering your Nachos BellGrande with no refried beans and chips on the side. As a result, you'll get a separate container with your meat, cheese, sour cream, and tomatoes. Give the fixings a good mix, and there you have it. DIY Rotel dip from Taco Bell without pulling out a single pan.

TikTokers had a few questions about this Taco Bell hack

TikTok has some of the absolute best Taco Bell hacks, but as delicious as the platform's Nachos BellGrande-turned-Rotel dip sounds, it also left a few people scratching their heads.


How to get rotelle at Taco Bell hack #fyp

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Some people in the comments section of TikToker @queinntellcoleman176's post questioned the portion sizes of each of the toppings they would be given, especially the seasoned beef, while others seemed to wonder if there was another ingredient added off-screen. "How u about to add shredded cheese like we ain't notice," @brittdos commented. TikToker @meechiesosa1 was skeptical about the cheese pull at the end of the video, as well. "Trust me nacho cheese not stringy lol," they remarked.

To ensure you get enough of everything to re-create this DIY Rotel dip, you can always request an extra serving of any of the ingredients – though be warned that they will each come at an additional cost. You can also ask for shredded cheese if you're concerned about not getting an optimal cheese pull, which will tack on an extra charge as well. And for those who may be worried about upsetting the workers on the other side of the order screen when attempting to order this menu hack, a couple of T-Bell employees on Reddit assured fellow users it's not a problem at all. "Not annoying at all unless we're low on bags! Even then, it's totally fine," one Redditor said, so don't be afraid to live mas and menu-hack away.