Taco Bell's Botched Double Decker Has Us Thinking About Homemade Taco Night

We've all been there before: You're hungry, you have a craving, and there's only one fast food item that's going to satisfy you. Maybe the food you're dreaming of is a niche item on the secret menu or even discontinued, but that won't stop you. Therein lies the risk, as Reddit user @_TheVoski_ discovered when they ordered a Double Decker taco at Taco Bell and didn't quite get what they bargained for. 

The Double Decker taco was discontinued in 2019, and this Reddit user's attempt to explain the structure of said menu item, four years later, led to something of a communication breakdown. A correctly made Double Decker taco should consist of a soft flour tortilla wrapped around a hard taco, with a layer of refried beans in between. However, some wires were evidently crossed in the construction process, which had the crunchy taco shell serving as the outer layer and "big spooning" the soft tortilla, as one commenter put it. But hey, at least Taco Bell tried, and many could only laugh at such a valiant attempt.

There are ways to eat a Double Decker taco again

Although this particular customer wasn't quite successful in their attempt to recreate the Double Decker taco, other Taco Bell aficionados on Reddit have shared their tricks to circumvent the current menu and get the discontinued delight anyway. One said, "Order a crunchy taco and a chicken mini quesadilla, sub beans for meat. Put the taco inside the quesadilla and you get a double decker plus chipotle sauce and extra cheese for the exact same price!" Another added to their thread: "Get a regular crunchy taco and then a soft taco with beans instead of beef, no lettuce no cheese, then put it together." 

Redditors may disagree on the precise science behind ordering a DIY Double Decker taco, but one thing is unanimous: Bellheads miss their discontinued Taco Bell items. Considering Taco Bell's 2022 contest to bring back the Double Decker taco versus the Enchirito, fans can hold onto hope that the item may come back one day, despite its loss against the Enchirito.

All of this got us thinking about taco night. So if the thought of straying off-menu at Taco Bell and potentially bemusing employees as you attempt to order a discontinued Double Decker feels panic-inducing, don't fret. You can replicate Taco Bell's Double Decker taco at home, throwing a successful taco night while avoiding the kind of recipe mix-ups that your guests will be posting to Reddit for laughs.