Michael Symon's Easy Tip For Perfect Fried Eggs Every Time

Michael Symon has a lifelong passion for food. While he is known for being adventurous in his eating, when it comes to cooking, he believes that simplicity is best. His dishes are exquisite because you get to experience the full flavor of the ingredients, cooked to perfection.

This often means that Symon's tips are simple solutions rather than complex strategies. For example, when frying an egg, he offers some brilliant advice. To cook through the egg just a tad more and give it a dash of firmness across the top, all you need to do is cover your frying pan with a lid. Symon notes that this lets the steam do some of the cooking.

To get it to the perfect level of doneness, Symon says to cook the egg this way over low-to-medium heat for only 20 to 30 seconds. When you are done, remove the lid and slide that perfectly fried egg onto your plate.

Other tips for getting a perfect fried egg

If you are interested in other simple ways to get the best fried egg, Michael Symon has a few more tips that he shared in a video on Food Network's TikTok channel. If you would like to learn those, you can check it out below.


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Alternatively, The American Egg Board, a governmental organization created to support America's egg farmers, advises keeping the heat low while cooking. Chef Robert says, "If your pan is too hot, you will wind up with a very tough egg or a rubbery egg." At the proper temperature, it should take around 3-4 minutes to fry an egg.

Another simple way to ensure you get the best possible fried egg is to skip the flip. This is the best advice for novice chefs who might not be as skilled in spatula manipulation. Remember, a sunny-side-up egg is still a fried egg. However, if you desire that firm top, you already know how to achieve it without the flip. Just follow Symon's advice and use a lid.