Dunkin Ground Coffee Flavors Ranked Worst To Best

Brewing the same pot of plain-tasting coffee every morning sure can get old quickly. Yes, it can deliver the boost of caffeine you need to get through the most difficult parts of your day, but you gotta admit, sometimes it's fun to spice things up a bit.

Thanks to Dunkin' and its creative team, you've got a chance to do just that. Dunkin' flavors range from tried-and-true favorites to oddly unique coffee flavor mash-ups to take your typical cup of joe to new heights. So, which Dunkin' ground coffee flavors make our top picks? There are several! But know that as with most things food-related, there are quite a few Dunkin' flops sold out there, too. In this post, we've ranked Dunkin's ground coffee flavors from worst to best so you can spend more time the sipping flavors you love and less time spitting out the flavors you don't. 

Alright, enough of the chit-chat. Let's get on to making your morning brighter by exploring which Dunkin' ground coffee flavors are actually worth your guzzle.

13. Dunkin' Caramel Me Crazy

We have to admit, Dunkin's Caramel Me Crazy ground coffee sounds optimistic at first blush. The promise of flavors like butterscotch, brown sugar, and caramel would naturally lead you to believe that this Dunkin' flavor is nothing short of perfect, right? Not quite.

Sadly, many consumers have left scathing reviews regarding Dunkin's Caramel Me Crazy flavor. Most refer to the coffee as bitter and artificial tasting, which definitely isn't the kind of joe we'd want to wake up to. Others complain that this expectedly sweet-flavored coffee packs a heavy chemical flavor mixed with a sour note that's downright disgusting.

Does this mean Dunkin's Caramel Me Crazy flavor is completely off the table? Maybe, maybe not. Like many things in life, taste is subjective. There are still a great number of people who proclaim this caramel-inspired brew to taste as delightful as they could ever dare to dream. In fact, some even claim it to be the best caramel coffee out there. Our best recommendation is to give it sip and judge for yourself... the opinions amongst avid caramel connoisseurs out there seem split!

12. Dunkin' Cinnamania

If you're a cinnamon fan, you're likely interested to know how Dunkin's Cinnamania ground coffee measures up against other Dunkin' ground coffee flavors. Coffee doused with warm cinnamon flavor? Um, yes, please. Unfortunately, this one has left many cinnamon fans a bit disappointed.

Despite its title, many coffee buffs ironically claim Dunkin's Cinnamania ground coffee flavor tastes nothing like cinnamon. Critics of the coffee once again assert that the artificial flavoring yields an unnatural chemical taste that's tough to ignore. Similar arguments made against the brew insist that the cinnamon flavoring added is too weak to enjoy, and, as a result, not worth your time.

Still, there might be a glimmer of hope left for those of you who love cinnamon but now feel leery of the drink. Although most shun this Dunkin' coffee flavor, there are some out there that love it, claiming the coffee tastes just as it sounds, with a bakery-esque element to it that brings joy to their morning, especially when combined with creamer. And that weak cinnamon flavor? For those who don't like the overwhelming taste of cinnamon, the subtlety of the coffee really suits their fancy.

11. Dunkin' Polar Peppermint

Who doesn't love peppermint? Evoking memories of snowy evenings, thin striped candy canes, and winter holidays, it's hard not to get carried away when it comes to this cool minty flavor. That's likely why Dunkin' chose to bag up its own version of peppermint-flavored coffee for us all to savor and enjoy. So, how does it taste? Eh...

Honestly, coffee lovers seem split on the Dunkin' Polar Peppermint ground coffee flavor. Though the promise of peppermint swirled in white chocolate sounds incredible, many of those who excitedly sampled this festive blend thought otherwise. Sadly, reviewers report that both the peppermint and chocolate in this flavor are muted. Some even claim the coffee has virtually no flavor at all. Ouch.

Nevertheless, much like the other controversial flavored coffees that Dunkin' produces, the Polar Peppermint flavor still boasts a strong fan base, despite the complaints. Rather than interpret those notes of peppermint and white chocolate as "weak," others describe it as smooth, delicious, and not at all overwhelming. Thus, if you're expecting the strong exciting flavors of mint chocolate to deliver a slap to your taste buds, you may find yourself disappointed in this one. But if you'd like your coffee essenced with a light and delicate hint of mint this winter holiday, then this could be the flavor for you.

10. Dunkin' Holiday Blend

Dunkin' produces several intriguing seasonal coffee blends, and, like many of the others, the Dunkin' Holiday Blend ground coffee flavor doesn't disappoint. With promises of notes that include fruit and molasses, this festive brew has Dunkin' fans pleased... for the most part.

Though not as exciting in terms of flavor as other ground coffee picks that Dunkin' produces, the Holiday Blend has generally received praise for its smooth, bold taste. Java fiends describe it as rich and enjoyable yet simple enough to suit their daily coffee needs. Others describe the drink as similar to Guatemalan coffee, though it may be slightly more acidic. 

Despite its rich and smooth mouthfeel, those who love eclectic flavoring may feel a bit under-impressed with this one. Either way, most fans seem to take well to Dunkin's Holiday Blend, likely due to its universal appeal. Thus, if you happen to need a simple coffee blend that's suitable for your daily morning roast, we'd recommend giving it a whirl next holiday season.

9. Dunkin' S'mores

If there's one flavor that sums up summer, it's gotta be s'mores. Marshmallowy, chocolatey, and delicious, many of us can't get enough of these melty flavors layered and smashed between a crunchy graham cracker sandwich. That's why we were elated to find Dunkin' S'mores flavored coffee lining Target store shelves. But does it taste anything like those classic toasty chocolate marshmallow graham crackers we all know and love?

Actually? Yes! Dunkin' S'mores delivers in the flavor department on this one, and reviewers couldn't be more thrilled. The taste and aroma of deep rich chocolate blended with marshmallow and graham cracker are insanely pleasing, especially during the summer season. Excited brewers note that though the coffee drink tastes great on its own, adding creamer ups the ante and especially highlights the creamy marshmallow essence embedded within the roast.

We don't know about you, but this one's a winner in our book. Just know that this blend tends to lean lighter on the graham cracker and heavier on the marshmallow. If that sounds good to you, rest assured this flavored Dunkin' brew is a great pick.

8. Dunkin' Falling for Maple

When the weather gets chilly and the leaves start to develop beautiful hues, adding warm, rich, comforting flavors to coffee is a must. Dunkin's Falling For Maple ground coffee aims to deliver the fall-fresh taste of morning waffles drizzled with ample amounts of rich and velvety maple syrup to satisfy your taste buds. And, according to most people, Dunkin's rendition of this soothing flavor was spot on.

According to reviews, Dunkin's Falling for Maple ground coffee tastes exactly as it sounds. Though artificial maple flavor in coffee is sometimes difficult to duplicate, most tasters agree that Dunkin' did a good job capturing the essence of the real thing. The only qualm? Though the maple flavoring is on point, there are many that claim it to be a bit dull. Honestly, this could prove either a good or bad thing, depending on how much you like or dislike maple flavor. Hence,  this is, once again, yet another flavor you'll have to sample to decide for yourself.

7. Dunkin' Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Chocolate-covered strawberries evoke memories of romantic evenings, decadent moments, and of course, Valentine's Day. Luckily for us, Dunkin' is offering a chance to experience those feelings all over again by presenting their Chocolate Covered Strawberry flavored ground coffee to java lovers. So, how does this interesting flavor combo perform? Fairly well, actually.

Upon first whiff, notes of strawberry tickle your senses before subduing into the rich scent of chocolate layered against the backdrop of a dark roasted brew. And though chocolate-covered strawberries aren't everyone's "thing," many were pleasantly surprised upon tasting this quirky ground coffee flavor from Dunkin. Those that love it state it captures the taste of chocolate strawberries flawlessly without becoming too overwhelming. Not only this, but several commentators applaud the fact that the strawberry flavoring used in this coffee actually features a tart and sweet tang, much like the real thing. And though Duncan confirms that the strawberry flavor in the grounds is indeed artificial, the authentic taste in this one really hits the spot. Yum.

6. Dunkin' French Vanilla

Don't get us wrong, new flavors are exciting and all, but sometimes you just want to kick back and enjoy an old classic. If that describes you, then you'll likely love Dunkin's French Vanilla flavored ground coffee. It's got the perfect balance of vanilla flavoring without coming off as too potent or overpowering. Want to amp things up a notch? Try adding a little creamer as it does well to highlight those oh-so-delicious vanilla layers in a way that makes for the perfect wake-up call on an early Monday morning.

So, are there any downsides to this cult classic? Sadly, some claim that the vanilla flavor in this Dunkin' roast is barely noticeable, especially if you knock it back black. A few make mention of the coffee itself tasting a bit bitter at times, which is likely to be a major turn-off for smooth-craving coffee fans. Nevertheless, we've seen enough glowing reviews out there to know this flavor is at least worth a try. You've got nothing to lose, so pair it with your next morning muffin and see what you think.

5. Dunkin' Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry muffin... coffee? Yep, you read that right. And if it sounds like a weird combination to you, know that you aren't alone. Still, we have to admit, this particular Dunkin' ground coffee flavor had us intrigued. After all, most would agree that blueberry muffins go impeccably with coffee, so how bad could it be?

Actually, it's pretty amazing. Just as promised, Dunkin' Blueberry Muffin-flavored ground coffee offers notes of caramelized sugar and summer blueberry to deliver show-stopping flavor to your daily coffee mug. Even those who slurped suspiciously were pleasantly surprised to find the coffee tasted as good as it did. One reviewer even goes as far as to say it tastes exactly like biting into a fresh blueberry muffin with the benefit of caffeine. Sign us up!

Thus, despite being a fairly odd flavor mashup, this brew has plenty to offer flavored coffee lovers out there, especially if you've got a thing for sweet flavors. The only downside is that though the coffee seems to be the perfect summer flavor, it is actually only offered from January to June.

4. Dunkin' Hazelnut

When it comes to flavored coffee, hazelnut is a classic. Next to vanilla, it is quite possibly one of America's all-time favorite coffee flavorings. As usual, Dunkin' lives up to the hype when it comes to its Hazelnut ground coffee flavor, even for those approaching it with low expectations. Everything from the aroma to the taste is exquisitely executed. Reviewers are also enamored with the fact that this hazelnut blend still tastes deliciously sweet on the tongue, even without creamer added.

As for those who don't care for Dunkin's version of hazelnut ground coffee, the biggest complaint seems to be that the hazelnut flavoring itself is too strong. Having said that, many who make this assertion tend to be those who don't care much for hazelnut anyway. As for those finding the flavor a bit "meh" in the excitement category, it's likely because classic hazelnut flavor feels boring when stacked up against other more exhilarating Dunkin' flavors. Nevertheless, we think this hazelnut ground coffee makes a justifiable purchase, especially if you're an avid hazelnut fan.

3. Dunkin' Chocoholic Pancake

Got a craving for pancakes smothered in luscious chocolate? If so, you'll love Dunkin's Chocoholic Pancake ground coffee flavor. This crave-worthy grab combines delicious layers of chocolate, including chocolate chip, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate, with the familiar and comforting taste of a warm and fluffy pancake.

Reviewers can't get over the chocolate in this one, and honestly, neither can we. Commenters attest that the flavor is decadent and luscious, with silky notes of chocolate throughout. Some claim that it tastes similar to chocolate cake donuts, which can be an awesome substitute for the real thing, especially if you're making an attempt to tidy up your diet.

Because the taste is so good, you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone with a negative opinion concerning this Dunkin' flavor. Still, you'll always have a few nay-sayers that will compare the chocolate flavoring of the brew to taste reminiscent of chocolate scratch-n-sniff. Hence, it just goes to show that not every taste bud will interpret deliciousness the same way. But hey, chances are that if you love chocolate, you'll go ga-ga for Dunkin's Chocoholic Pancake ground coffee.

2. Dunkin' Pumpkin Spice

There's no doubt that "pumpkin spice" is one of the most annoyingly in-demand fall drinks on the market today. From having to wait in backed-up coffee shop lines to hearing it advertised all autumn season long, we can't blame you for rolling your eyes at the fact that this fun fall flavor rolls in at our number two. Nevertheless, there's something to be said for making your own perfect version of a PSL right from the comfort of your own home. And graciously, Dunkin' has made that possible for all of us.

Enter Dunkin' Pumpkin Spice ground coffee.

With the seasonal flavors of cinnamon, fall spice, and everything nice, Dunkin' has outdone itself by offering one of the best versions of pumpkin spice out there. Reviews agree; the taste of this one is phenomenal, with the perfect amount of flavor that doesn't need additional creamer for its fall-esque nuances to shine through. Of course, you'll need to be a PSL fan to truly enjoy this one. Though the flavor of this Dunkin' flavor is downright delicious, don't count on it converting anyone who doesn't already love the festive flavors of pumpkin spice.

1. Dunkin' Turtle Love

Caramel, pecans, and rich, melty chocolate? Yep, it's all included in our choice for the most flavorful and enjoyable Dunkin' ground coffee out there. Dunkin's Turtle Love ground coffee is nothing short of amazing, with its warm, rich flavors all perfectly melded together to make one heck of a morning brew.

Though marketed as a dark roast, even fans of lighter roasts are overwhelmingly surprised by the flavor of this coffee. It brews up decadent and chocolatey with hints of caramel thrown in for good measure. Some even claim that this Dunkin' ground coffee flavor is so good that it has caused them to lay aside all other coffee drinks in its stead. Other reviewers rave that this flavor is impeccable and tastes exactly like nutty chocolate turtle clusters filled with creamy, rich caramel. Delish.

Of course, there will always be those who dislike virtually any flavor Dunkin' produces because, hey, we've all got different taste buds. But by and large, this Dunkin' ground coffee option has earned our vote as the absolute best in terms of dazzling flavor and richness. We're beyond impressed!