Lil Wayne Apparently Hasn't Eaten Fast Food In 20 Years

There's always something to say about Lil Wayne. His gold diamond grillz, his facial tattoos, his dreads, and now, his eating habits. The Grammy-award winning rapper enjoys the luxury of a personal chef, as many other celebrities do, but according to a tweet, he also doesn't eat fast food. At all.

In the tweet, Lil Wayne says, "You know I don't eat fast food, so we pulled over to cook," referring to his bus during his spring 2023 WelcomeToThaCarterTour. But a portion of video's caption is even more alarming than cooking in the back of a tour bus. It reads, "...he hasn't eaten fast food in over 20 years."

His chef, LeahAngelie Murphy, shared her own video of the experience on Twitter, a 10-second clip of her cooking the food in the back of the bus using various portable cooking devices. Despite the limitations, she still manages to whip up some green veggies, steak, and fries for the "Lollipop" singer. Lil Wayne ends his video with some sage advice: "Eat healthy young men, young women."

Lil Wayne has had a personal chef since he was 19 and can't remember what McD's smells like

Lil Wayne's tour bus video tweet isn't the first time he's publicly stated his decision to omit fast food from his diet. He spoke to Apple Music's Zane Lowe a couple of months before his WelcomeToThaCarterTour began, Complex reported, and explained that he doesn't touch fast food. Taking his mother's advice, he hired a personal chef after he moved to Miami at age 19, and hasn't had fast food ever since. After 20 years, he claims he doesn't "know what McDonald's smells like."


As you'd expect, many people applauded his decision on social media. In response to the video tweet, one person said, "Weezy looks a lot healthier than he has in the past few years." Another added, "That's what's up. Lily Wayne is pushing health." A third called him a "smart man" for the lifestyle change.

But not everyone was impressed. One person focused on the alternative that wouldn't inconvenience his personal chef. "Or just go to a restaurant?" the comment read. By the way, his chef shared on her Facebook page that the tour was her first, and it was one of her most-challenging experiences as a personal chef. But kudos to Lil Wayne for his decision to eat home-cooked — or back-of-a-tour-bus-cooked meals, exclusively, instead of fast food.