The Golden Rule For Making Restaurant-Worthy Guacamole

Looking for a simple but delicious recipe for an appetizer? Guacamole is a great option. As a source of good fat, avocados are a healthy alternative to more processed, convenience foods. Look for the ripest avocados at the store and try mashing them with a potato masher to make them as creamy as possible. Then combine with all your ingredients of choice, such as tomatoes, chili peppers, and salt. Serve them with chips and you'll be all set. However, for restaurant-worthy results, don't forget to add a decent amount of fresh lime.

Ideally, you should use one lime per avocado, and not any more or any less. (More would make your guacamole too liquid-y.) Limes add a touch of acidity to balance the richness and oiliness of the avocado. The fragrance of the lime helps achieve this, too. Once you understand the importance of lime, you can keep your recipe simple. Mix your mashed avocado and lime juice with salt, finely chopped onions, tomatoes, and cilantro. You can try adding chilies for a spicier take. But no matter the variation, lime must always make the list.

Never skip the lime

Lime is a critical component in guacamole for other reasons, too. Lime juice can prevent the guac from turning brown if you want to continue eating it later, though it's not guaranteed it won't get brown overnight. Only have lemons on hand? It might seem like a logical substitution, but don't replace limes with lemons, as lemons are far too sweet for a tangy guacamole.

Some might like to keep their recipe simple, but you could also experiment with other flavors and textures. Some hacks include adding olive oil or Greek yogurt, and some swear that mayo can upgrade guacamole like no other. All these fat-rich ingredients give a buttery effect to guac, and therefore lend more flavor to it.

Some people enjoy adding spices, from oregano to coriander, to dill or garlic powder. Some Mexican flavor lovers like to put in a bit of Tajín seasoning, which chef Marcela Valladolid adds to her guacamole with mangoes for a sweet and spicy combo. Others top guacamole with cheese, peas, beans, or edamame. But avoid putting too many ingredients in your guacamole, as this mistake won't allow any ingredient to stand out from the rest — you want to taste guacamole in its purest state possible. No matter which adventurous ingredients you decide to add to your recipe, don't forget the lime juice and remember the rule of thumb: Always use one lime for each avocado.