An Impossibly Small Steak At A Fancy Restaurant Is Rightfully Being Torched

Foodies sometimes have to go to certain lengths to get the most enjoyment out of their meals. This can mean traveling for food, visiting fancy restaurants, and following the latest food trends. But, how far are we willing to go with our wallets? A recent TikTok that went viral showed content creator Kidd Fresh ordering "the best steak in the world" for $100. In the original clip, published in October 2022, a server arrived at Fresh's table with a domed platter. Beneath the dome was a lot of smoke and a tiny covered plate.

The diner seemed kind of excited at first. However, he removed the cover from the little plate only to find out that "the best steak in the world" was impossibly small — it actually looked more like one slice of meat garnished with a leaf. "Where's the rest?" he asked. He then proceeded to eat the whole thing with just one bite. Some commenters made fun of the smoky presentation of the food while others called the order "a mi-steak." But all of them made us reflect on how much they are willing to pay for food.

Paying more for less

If you're wondering where Kidd Fresh ordered his $100 morsel, his responses to commenters on Instagram and TikTok reveal that the steak came from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino's Council Oak restaurant in Tampa, Florida. There customers can dine on Oster caviar for $250 an ounce and a half-pound of filet mignon for $56. The menu also lists 5-ounce and 10-ounce servings of certified A5 wagyu beef that's sold at market price. Based on the prices of the other steaks, we assume he ordered the Wagyu. Considered one of the most expensive types of steak in the world, it can cost $200 a pound and sometimes more. But judging from the social media response, the restaurant may want to consider being a bit more generous with the portions or at least including a side.


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"Bro got a $3 steak and paid $97 for entertainment," read some comments, and it might be true that the restaurant profits rely on entertainment, an experience that may seem ok for once every few years. "No matter how rich I get, I'll never ever eat at a fancy/fine dining restaurant by choice," read a comment. Expect to spend more and eat less at a fancy restaurant, but also expect people to have an opinion about it.