The McDonald's Canada Menu Item We Wish Was Available Worldwide

McDonald's french fries is world famous for being one of the most delicious fast food menu items available and for good reason. Even though the fries are tasty on their own, diners at the golden arches' Canadian locations can order an upgraded french fry experience in the form of poutine. 

Poutine is an iconic Canadian snack consisting of cheese curds and brown gravy drizzled over a pile of thick-cut fries. The dish was invented in the 1950s in Quebec before becoming popular across the country. Likewise, McDonald's first introduced its take on the Great White North's signature dish at restaurants in Quebec, before launching across Canada in 2013. McDonald's version of the dish includes the classic gravy and cheese curd combo but uses McDonald's french fries as a base in lieu of the thick-cut variety.

It's been a staple at Canada's McDonald's ever since, with the fast food chain even introducing new variants of the dish. For customers in Quebec, they can order their poutine served with a spicy twist on the Canadian delicacy. The chain's Quebec-exclusive Spicy Buffalo Chicken poutine comes with a helping of seasoned chicken nestled on top of a bed of french fries and drenched in green onions and Buffalo sauce. It's enough to draw the envy of American customers everywhere. 

McDonald's poutine can hold its own against the real deal

Poutine is served in the United States as well, typically along states near the Northern Border, but it's nowhere as popular as in Canada. That being said, several Americans wished they could try the McDonald's menu item. U.S. Redditors came to the r/McLounge subreddit to express their desire to try the Canadian classic. For instance, one Redditor wrote, "As an American with multiple friends in Canada who brag about poutine... I really want to try it even more with this post." 

Meanwhile, someone who claimed to be a local in Quebec, wrote, "The McD's poutine sauce is actually one of the best I've had and now I am craving it." The fast food item even earned its own review in the Toronto Star back in 2013 shortly after its initial launch, being described as delivering "that pleasing balance of crunch and cream and sauce that only poutine can." With praise as high as that in mind, if you ever get the chance to travel North of the Border to visit a Canadian McDonald's, you can be assured that the poutine you're enjoying is Canadian-approved.