Frozen Chicken Patties Ranked Worst To Best

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A chicken patty is an interesting type of food, to say the least. They're certainly not the most attractive item to put on a plate, but chicken patties bring some sort of nostalgic feeling to the table for adults, probably because many of us ate them for school lunches or quick weeknight dinners. Frozen chicken patties are certainly convenient to make, often microwaving for just a couple of minutes or fully cooked in the oven in about 10-20 minutes.

Let's face it: frozen chicken patties won't win culinary awards or improve our chef skills. But they're great for fast meals and keeping hungry bellies satisfied in a pinch. Plus, if you get creative with them, you can make them into so much more than just sandwiches, like chopping them up to top salads or using them in chicken casseroles.

But, like most foods, some frozen chicken patties are simply better than others. According to Science Direct, chicken patties are made with different processes and ingredients that vary their quality. While medium-grade patties might have more chicken skin and thigh meat ground into them, high-quality mixtures are usually made with 80-85% breast meat. Flavor and crispiness also weigh our decision of what makes a good chicken patty. Continue reading to learn where 14 well-known frozen chicken patties stand.

14. Banquet All Natural White Meat Chicken Breast Patties

We can probably all admit to purchasing cheap versions of food we love when we're strapped for cash. That may have happened to you before when buying chicken patties. Maybe you were debating between Banquet's All Natural White Meat Chicken Breast Patties and another brand but grabbed the former because they were less expensive.

We're absolutely not judging because these chicken patties certainly are affordable compared to some others. For example, a 24-ounce bag at Walmart is under $5 as of June 2023, but a 26-ounce bag of Tyson's chicken patties is over $7 at Walmart.

Although you'll save money buying these, don't expect great things. The kids probably won't notice a difference, but many chicken patty lovers do. For starters, they lack flavor. One Walmart reviewer states that "they taste like breaded cardboard," while another calls them "tough, bland, barely tolerable." Some reviewers on the Banquet website also talk about biting into bone or other hard items in their patties.

13. On-Cor Chicken Patties

On-Cor Chicken Patties are another super affordable type of chicken patty available in several grocery stores, making them a potentially convenient addition to your freezer to throw together a chicken sandwich in minutes. They also taste highly similar to On-Cor's popular Chicken Nibblers, which are likely a staple in many households with children.

Adults, on the other hand, don't seem as enthused about On-Cor Chicken Patties as little eaters might be. These frozen chicken patties have highly mixed reviews; people either love or hate them. Proponents enjoy how quick and easy they are to cook, but that can be said about most chicken patties. Where things go wrong is with the flavor, which is an important consideration with the food you buy and would like to enjoy. Although the flavor is decent, these patties don't have a telltale chicken taste. One Amazon reviewer says they taste "more like veal," adding that "there is NO chicken taste whatsoever." However, if you're adding condiments or a bunch of toppings, you might not notice too much of a difference.

12. John Soules Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Patties

John Soules Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Patties are not as readily available as other options, like Tyson or Banquet, so you may never have seen them at your local grocery store. If you do have them in your supermarket's frozen section, you could take a chance on them. They have a bit lighter breading than others we've tried, which can be a good change of pace from the heavy breading sometimes found on frozen chicken patties and other chicken products.

Unfortunately, quality control seems to be an issue with these patties sometimes. When you get a good bag, it's great. But we've gotten our hands on some bags of inconsistent patties, as have other John Soules customers. For example, a Reddit user posted a photo of their John Soules chicken patty, showing that it had a big empty space of missing meat on the inside.

If you're interested in trying another John Soules product that could be just right for chicken sandwiches, you might want to opt for the popular Southern Style Tenders instead, which have pickle-flavored undertones. One Influenster reviewer says the taste is reminiscent of the chicken used on a Chick-Fil-A sandwich.

11. Tyson Breaded Chicken Patties

Go to any grocery store and you'll probably see the signature red bag of Tyson Breaded Chicken Patties in the freezer aisle. These patties are among the most common to spot, probably because they've been a longtime favorite among customers. One of the things we like most about them is that they're sized perfectly to fit on a bun. They also are hormone-free and aren't made with a bunch of artificial ingredients or excessive processing methods.

While many customers still reach for these chicken patties at the store, more recently, others have been less than impressed with the brand. Several reviewers on Tyson's website have noted declining quality with these over the last few months. For instance, one states that Tyson is their usual go-to, but their last four purchases have resulted in chicken patties with burnt, hard edges — a problem that they never previously had with this brand. Another claims, "These used to be so good, I ate them seven days a week ... What has happened to your chicken breast patties? I have not been able to get one decent bag in over a year!"

Hopefully, whatever is going on is just a temporary problem and we can soon get our beloved Tyson chicken patties back in our freezers.

10. Foster Farms Classic Chicken Patties

Foster Farms chicken patties are made with 100% chicken using no antibiotics or added hormones or steroids. With each frozen chicken patty pulling in 15 grams of protein, they also could be a good source of the nutrient in a well-rounded diet.

While these certainly aren't the worst chicken patties you can buy, they aren't anything to get excited about, either. Their decent taste places them closer to the middle of the pack, but since they aren't the most flavorful, they don't score a lot of points here. In fact, one Redditor calls Foster Farms chicken patties "just a flavorless puck of chicken."

Unfortunately, there's another caveat to consider: although they're marketed as "air fryer-ready," they don't always crisp as well in the air fryer as other chicken patties. The same Redditor labeling these patties as "flavorless" admits to having to keep them cooking for longer than suggested to get them crispy enough to enjoy. For the best results, these usually need an oven, which could be a drawback if you're short on time.

9. Yelloh! Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Breast Patties

If you're a Schwan's fan, you probably understand the somewhat cult-like following the home food delivery company has. You order yummy food, and Schwan's delivers it to your home when you need it. What's not to love?

Plus, the company offers some convenient and tasty items. Its Yelloh! brand's breaded chicken patties are one of them. They crisp well and are easy to cook, and, as a bonus, they have no trans fat, preservatives, or artificial flavors. You can feel pretty good about eating them and feeding them to your family.

While we love the convenience, simplicity, and the patties' overall flavor, we wish they stood out a little more in some ways. They taste similar to other average frozen chicken patties on the market, rather than exuding their own telltale flavor, which is why they don't rank higher on our list. In fact, some of Schwan's customers even call them "boring" and "bland."

8. Kirkwood Breaded Chicken Breast Patties

If you're like us, you typically buy frozen chicken patties because they're relatively affordable and make for a quick, no-fuss meal. Kirkwood's version — which you can find exclusively at Aldi stores — lends well to both of those perks. We've consistently found these chicken patties to be among the most affordable per serving, even at different Aldi stores, which is especially helpful when feeding larger groups of people. They also cook well in the oven or air fryer, and they actually don't get too mushy or underwhelming when given a quick zap in the microwave.

Still, like other chicken patties in the middle of this list, there isn't much that truly stands out about these other than their price tag. They're pretty bland on their own, so we suggest using condiments or dipping sauces if eating them solo, or adding them to a sandwich with other toppings to boost their flavor. Even including something simple like mayo or barbecue sauce can really help these patties out.

7. Perdue Chicken Breast Patties

When it comes to traditional chicken breast patties that are well-flavored, good quality, and still remind you of one of your childhood favorites, Perdue comes in clutch. Its frozen chicken patties are often raved about, mostly because of their bolder flavor than many competitors. The fact that they usually remain super juicy inside and nice and crispy outside when cooked in an air fryer or oven is an added bonus.

They're also favored by people who like to get creative in the kitchen. For example, one reviewer on Influenster uses these patties to make chicken burgers and chicken parmesan for quick, easy, and tasty lunches and dinners. Another says they like to top their salads with them.

Consistency seems to be somewhat of a problem for Perdue's chicken patties, though. Some Walmart customers have noted that the insides get a spongy texture, even when cooked in the oven, or have lots of breading rather than meat inside.

6. Kirkwood Mexi Cali Chicken Patties

Kirkwood's Mexi Cali Chicken Patties at Aldi are not your typical frozen chicken patties. They aren't breaded and don't just include some chicken and seasonings. Instead, you'll get a full-flavored Mexican fiesta, including chopped roasted red peppers, pepper jack cheese, red onion, cilantro, and several other spices to really brighten your taste buds.

And, yes, you can microwave, grill, oven-cook, or air fry these just like you would regular breaded chicken patties. The texture certainly differs from what you're used to if you're new to unbreaded patties, but the flavor tends to make up for it.

Some Redditors mention that these Kirkwood patties are seasonal through the summer months, but we've found them at some Aldi stores throughout the year. The good news is that they're frozen, so if you try them, love them, and are afraid of them disappearing, be sure to buy a few boxes to stock up your freezer until they return.

5. Good & Gather Chicken Patties

Target's Good & Gather food brand is the company's health-focused, high-quality lineup of products you can buy as alternatives to other brand name versions. Although not necessarily the cheapest frozen chicken patties you'll find in the grocery aisles, Good & Gather's chicken patties are made with no added hormones or steroids and all-white meat chicken. They pack 10 grams of protein into each patty.

Unlike many of the just-okay chicken patties that you can find at most grocery stores, these really stand out in flavor. They taste more like chicken than others on the market, which tend to remind us that they're overprocessed in every bite. Target customers absolutely rave about these patties, noting that they're even "better than Tyson" and cook perfectly in an air fryer. There never seems to be a soggy or mushy patty when you buy these, which is always a plus in our books.

4. Applegate Naturals Chicken Patties

The words "natural" and "chicken patties" don't usually go together, yet Applegate Naturals Chicken Patties exist. This better-for-you version of a frozen chicken patty might help you feel better about what you feed yourself and your family thanks to its minimally processed recipe and meat from chickens raised without any antibiotics or animal by-product feed. With less than 1 gram of saturated fat and 12 grams of protein per patty, they also beat much of the competition in terms of the nutrients you'd rather have and those you'd like to leave out of your food.

You're probably wondering, then, if these chicken patties' health factor makes them taste less than stellar. However, according to several happy customers, Applegate Naturals doesn't disappoint in that department. One Influenster reviewer states, "Great flavor, great ingredients. Wholesome product. Feels like fast food when actually eating something good for you." Others who have reviewed the product on Target's website call these chicken patties "the best," noting that they have just the right ratio of breading to meat.

3. Tyson Frozen All Natural White Meat Panko Breaded Chicken Patties

You know how food companies sometimes take one of their super popular items and give it a twist, creating a new, but similar, product? Usually, the company expects the new product to do just as well or become even more loved than the first one, but, like movie sequels, that doesn't always work as planned.

Fortunately, that's not the case for Tyson Frozen All Natural White Meat Panko Breaded Chicken Patties. Yes, they're breaded with panko breading rather than the traditional breadcrumbs most frozen chicken patties have, which is something other brands haven't yet tried. Tyson decided to reach outside of the box and create a whole new type of chicken patty, despite having one of the most well-known varieties already on the market. The risk seemed to pay off.

These are currently exclusively available at BJ's, and customers absolutely love them. In fact, one happy customer calls them the "best frozen chicken patties you can buy." And, just like regular chicken patties, you can cook them quickly in the air fryer and get the same crisp outside you'd expect from breaded chicken patties.

2. Don Lee Farms Grilled Antibiotic-Free Chicken Patties

It seems that some people are looking for healthier alternatives to the yummy chicken patties they've loved since childhood, which is potentially why these Don Lee Farms grilled chicken patties have become so popular. They're gluten-free and made from chicken without antibiotics, and the fact that they're grilled rather than breaded is good news for anyone adhering to a keto or low-carb diet.

These patties have become a hit on TikTok, with numerous videos popping up about how customers enjoy them. For example, TikToker @kaysee_alexandra calls them "Chef's-kiss delicious," while suggests using them as quick, affordable, and healthy parts of meal-prepped lunches.

Because they're grilled, these patties may be even more versatile than the breaded versions. They're tasty enough on their own, but you can make virtually endless sandwiches and other meals with them. Some have swapped traditional hamburger patties with them, while others use Don Lee to make stir fry, slicing a patty and mixing it with veggies and teriyaki sauce.

1. Bell & Evans Breaded Chicken Patties

Bell & Evans adheres to strict standards for its processes and ingredient sourcing, which lends to its food's overall quality. Apparently, customers can see and taste that in Bell & Evans Breaded Chicken Patties, which are available at Giant Eagle, Whole Foods, and similar grocers.

Why did these patties top our list? First, because of the Bell & Evans commitment to quality. These patties have no hormones, hexane, DDGS, antibiotics, or fillers. They're also chilled with air, rather than using the standard process of chilling with chlorinated water that makes its way into chicken patties. The result is real chicken meat from humanely raised chickens.

To top things off, these patties' quality is noticeable from the moment you cook them to your final bite. Sodium content is relatively lower than in similar products, and each patty tops the scale with 19 grams of protein. And most reviewers are more than happy with their purchases. One Bell & Evans reviewer says, "THE best chicken patties out there. I've seriously been eating them four days a week for months. They have excellent nutrition, taste great due to being all-natural, breaded just right, and definitely worth the price!" Another reviewer states, "I work at a high-end restaurant in [New Jersey], and we serve these to our employees at least once a week for family dinner before service. Best ever that our employees now purchase them for their families."