McDonald's Got Brutally Roasted By A Viral Burger King Job Poster

According to Zippia, when it comes to fast-food revenue, McDonald's is clearly the king with $23.18 billion, while Burger King is arguably a pauper by comparison, with just $1.9 billion. This imbalance of power creates an interesting marketing dynamic as Burger King often leans towards an edgier campaign. Burger King also is not above taking (hopefully) good-natured cheap shots at its competition.

For example, an Instagram that was uploaded on May 24, 2023 opens on a McDonald's restaurant before panning across the street to Burger King. The camera quickly zooms in on a hiring poster in the window that reads: "Work for a king, not a clown." The ad placed in Burger King's window implies that potential employees should apply for a job at BK instead of the competition across the street. 

This isn't the first time that the Burger King/McDonald's rivalry has bubbled over and likely won't be the last. (For instance, both restaurants took shots at each other with dueling ads over the best burger in June 2023.) In response to the roast by Burger King, commenters wanted McDonald's to fight back against the diss.

Reactions to Burger King's job poster

As expected, the reactions to the Instagram post were just as entertaining as the post itself. They ran the gamut with fans falling on both sides. For example, one user wrote, "McDonald's can't let this slide," while another posted, "King for a reason." Still, another sided with McDonald's by stating, "Yet the clown is worth more than the false king."

However, one user apparently had a bad experience at McDonald's, writing, "Their worth has nothing to do with what you're worth working there. Which is zero." With McDonald's employing roughly 200,000 individuals compared to Burger King's 34,000 employees, the comment sparked a curiosity-dive to find out which employees were actually happier.

According to Indeed, McDonald's is a slightly better workplace than Burger King in every way. We do mean "slightly." For example, the overall company rating for Burger King is 3.4 stars, but McDonald's only earned 3.5 stars. Addressing the Instagram comment, only 37% of McDonald's employees believe they are paid fairly, while a mere 33% gave Burger King's pay rate the thumbs up.