The Hack For Changing The Settings On Your Grocery Store Spice Grinder

If there's one thing that TikTok has taught us, it's that we only think we know how to work the everyday items in our home and kitchen. Reading directions is not something most people necessarily do, especially when it's something simple and intuitive, like a grocery store spice grinder. Just hold it over your food and twist, and the chunks of salt, pepper, or other seasonings get ground down to finer pieces that dust your dish.

But did you know there is more to these simple devices than is immediately apparent? For example, some people like their spices to go on fine, while others prefer them to be coarse. To address that, some grocery store spice grinders come with a built-in adjustment that allows you to quickly change the grinding setting. The Ko Spice Sea Salt Grinder, for instance, has a button on the top that you pop to change how your salt comes out.

How to change the setting on your spice grinder

For a closer look at how to change the settings on your grinder, rightguysreview on TikTok has a 40-second video that details popping the top on the Ko Spice Sea Salt Grinder to get the level of granularity you desire. It takes less than a second to adjust the setting, making it a potential game-changer for the home chef.


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McCormick is another brand that has a grinder adjustment built into its spice containers. While the operation is slightly more involved, the clever design means you get a wider variety of options. Still, the task is simple — just hold the two red tabs at the top of the container and twist to get the level of coarseness you desire.

The takeaway is to read the label of your grocery store spice grinder. While not all of them have this convenience, the ones that do give you more control in the kitchen. And that's never a bad thing.