Pepsi Released A Cola-Infused Ketchup Just In Time For Fourth Of July (But There's A Catch)

When it comes to summer cookouts, you can't go wrong with burgers, hot dogs, and side dishes that go well with barbecue. However, having the same old condiments can get a little boring.

To zhuzh up at least one old standby, Pepsi has crafted its very own Colachup. Yes, you guessed it, there's now a Pepsi-infused ketchup on the market. According to a press release, Colachup will be available for sampling at the Comerica Park, Yankee Stadium, Chase Field, and Target Field stadiums on July 4.

Sadly, ketchup lovers who can't make it to the ballpark on Independence Day won't have another chance to try Colachup, as this is a one-day-only event. That said, they can get in on the Colachup spirit by buying a hotdog and a Pepsi at any food service or retail store because all weekend long (through July 4), fans of the cola can get reimbursed for their Pepsi purchase by texting the receipt and "FREEPEPSI" to 81234.

How well do Pepsi and ketchup actually meld?

If you think that mixing Pepsi and ketchup sounds odd, you aren't alone. Rest assured, though. Pepsi's Colachup is the work of culinary experts, not just some random weekend griller who blended them in his backyard.

As Pepsi drinkers know, this particular pop has a hint of citrus flavor, which could help enhance the sweetness of the ketchup and the savoriness of hotdogs. To make Colachup, experts boiled down Pepsi and added ingredients such as tomatoes, cinnamon, oregano, thyme, paprika, and onions. By comparison, many ketchups on the market use a slightly different list of spices that includes allspice, coriander, clove, garlic, and celery.

Colachup recipe aside, you can get essentially the same effect by drinking a Pepsi while eating a ketchup-drizzled hotdog. It might not taste the same as the Colachup available for sampling at stadiums on July 4, but it's much easier to come by.