McDonald's Big Bag Of Orange Juice Looks A Little Sus

At this point, we're likely all aware of the fact that there are a number of strange and potentially upsetting factors that go into the mass production of food across the world. While most people enjoy a burger or chicken sandwich from time to time, they're not too keen on taking a visit to an animal slaughterhouse to see how the proverbial sausage is made. Likewise, when it comes to mass-produced beverages at fast-food restaurants as well. 

For a recent example of this phenomenon, many TikTok users became highly perturbed after seeing a video uploaded to the site from a McDonald's employee restocking the fast food chain's orange juice supply from a gigantic strange-looking bag. The nacho cheese-colored beverage is apparently loaded into drink machines at each location via a large plastic bag, which appears to hold roughly 5-10 gallons, and dispensed into plastic cups through a small tube.

In this particular video, commenters were quick to call out the dried-up orange juice residue left behind on the nozzle, as well as the employee's penchant for handling the bag with no gloves on. Others still were confused by the method for dispensing the juice, as the giant bag makes the beverage appear significantly less appetizing to the eye than usual.

Where does McDonald's orange juice come from?

According to the official McDonald's website, the orange juice dispensed by the giant bag comes from manufacturers at the Coca-Cola-owned company Minute Maid. McDonald's first partnered with Coca-Cola, which acquired the company in 1960, all the way back in 1955 when the first McDonald's franchise opened in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Given that consumers are generally used to seeing orange juice presented in plastic bottles or refillable cups, many viewers of the TikTok expressed concerns regarding the aesthetic of the industrial-sized bags of Minute Maid OJ, leaving one commenter to express, "I will never buy OJ from there again." Others were far more understanding, with some comments stating, "Still good. Just bc it's in a bag doesn't make it bad. My gosh people. It's a fast food restaurant it's to make things faster and easier." and "Yeah I was aware y'all weren't juicing oranges in store."