Culver's Just Launched Its First-Ever Signature Sauce

We've been enjoying Culver's custard and ButterBurgers for years, but did anyone realize the chain doesn't have its own signature sauce? Perhaps, perhaps not. However, that is all changing with the announcement of its new Signature Sauce.

According to a press release, Culver's Signature Sauce departs from the standard variations on ketchup, mayo, and other popular condiments. Instead, it aims to create something most have never experienced at fast food restaurants. Culver's describes the sauce as carrying notes of buttermilk, blue cheese, parmesan, and other ingredients like onion, various peppers, and garlic.

According to Quinn Adkins, Culver's director of menu development, the new sauce was developed with a specific purpose. "When we set out to make a signature sauce, we wanted to make sure it was truly an 'only at Culver's' experience that perfectly complements our menu," said Adkins. As a result, customers can dollop the new Culver's Signature Sauce on their favorite burger, dip fries or onion rings into it, or even mix some into salads.

Culver's customers seem to enjoy its new Signature Sauce

Now that Culver's Signature Sauce has passed regional testing, it is available at more than 900 locations across the United States. Granted, the sauce is still very new — and hasn't garnered much attention from the public yet. However, the reviews and reactions that have been released skew toward the positive.

The Saboscrivner, a food blogger, said the Signature Sauce "slaps" and claimed they "would definitely get that signature sauce again." Meanwhile, on a Culver's TikTok video discussing the sauce, another customer said it was "the best sauce ever" and noted that they loved it with buffalo tenders.

That being said, the sauce isn't for everyone. As a few Facebook users pointed out, the Signature Sauce's flavor and texture are affected by the inclusion of blue cheese, which might not be every customer's cup of sauce (er, tea). However, if you like any type of blue cheese, Culver's Signature Sauce might become your new favorite condiment.