Dreams Do Come True! KFC's Colonel Sanders Is Now A Character In Street Fighter 6

Every once in a while, a restaurant mascot makes its way into pop culture. Ronald McDonald, Little Caesar, and Colonel Sanders have all joined the ranks of the most iconic food mascots of all time, though Colonel Sanders is a little bit different. He was a real person with a real-life story.

Because Colonel Sanders isn't pure fiction, unlike most other food mascots, he has earned a few unique honors. In 2019, for instance, KFC created a CGI Colonel Sanders that posed as a virtual influencer for platforms like Instagram. His odd popularity continues to extend into the present, where the Colonel has been cast as a character in the latest "Street Fighter" video game.

"Street Fighter" originated in 1987 as a Japanese arcade game and, to date, has 30 total variations with the 2023 release of "Street Fighter 6." The new game includes a whole host of characters, but obviously, we're most excited about the opportunity to play as a shady Colonel Sanders. However, even if you play as Colonel Sanders, you won't be frying any chicken in this particular video game.

Street Fighter 6 holds a secret recipe for KFC gift cards

While you can certainly play "Street Fighter 6" as Colonel Sanders without any other motivations, it's worth noting that you have the chance to win a $50 KFC gift card. According to KFC Canada's Instagram post, use the code WFFCHCV5A to play as Sanders, then enter the giveaway by sharing a video of your gameplay that may — or may not — feature an 11-point combo in honor of KFC's secret spice blend of 11 herbs and spices.

To enter the giveaway, tag KFC Canada on posts July 7 through 31. You must be 18 or older and living in Canada, per entry rules – and you can only enter once. After the giveaway closes, 50 people will win KFC gift cards, which could be a great excuse to order food from KFC and have a game night with friends.

Although those in the United States aren't eligible to enter the contest, we can still enjoy a nice big bucket of chicken and a quiet night at home with our favorite people and video games. Even better, we can joke that street fighting is the real reason the FBI has a file on Colonel Sanders.