A New McDonald's Cookies And Creme-Flavored Pie Was Spotted

U.S. customers have long been jealous of the variety of McDonald's pie flavors other countries can access, such as Australia's crème brûlée flavor, or the mouth-watering chocolate pies that pop up in Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. But Malaysia and Hong Kong's cookies and cream pie has been one of the most coveted, and fans are thrilled it's been spotted in domestic McDonald's locations.

"YESSSSSS! The Cookies and Cream pie from McDonald's is coming to the US and has already been spotted!" Instagrammer food reviewer @snackolator wrote. "This is a pie I've posted about a few times over the years and wished McDonald's would bring it to the States and it is finally here!"

The cookies and cream pie has a cookie outer shell and a vanilla cream middle and is 220 calories — ten calories less than the apple pie. After being seen at McDonald's locations in Oklahoma, Ohio, and New Jersey, the new pies are expected to roll out nationwide. 

McDonald's apple pie is the only dessert staple

Unlike the cookies and cream pies that were available in Malaysia and Hong Kong, McDonald's didn't collaborate with Oreo for the U.S. variation. This has left some customers disappointed, with the opinions of taste testers extremely varied. One TikToker said that he didn't like it and the taste reminded him of a cookies and cream Pop Tart. While another wrote that the new pie is "definitely worth a try!"

While fans are always wishing for more varieties of pies, it's hard to beat McDonald's original, the famous hot apple pie. It was created by the mother of a Tennessee McDonald's restaurant owner. In 1960, Litton Cochran hired both his mom and sister to make a version of the fried apple pies he loved as a child to sell at his store. The pies became popular, and once McDonald's founder Ray Kroc found out about them they became a McDonald's staple, officially added to all U.S. locations by the 1970s.

McDonald's limited edition and seasonal pies are always eagerly awaited by fans of the little boxed desserts, but unlike the apple pie, customers know they won't stick around long. Cookies and cream aficionados may be disappointed when the new pie is discontinued, but the rest of us will begin to anticipate what the next flavor will be.