McDonald's Is Saying Goodbye To Its McCafé Bakery Treats

Don't you hate it when you find a new favorite item from a fast-food restaurant, only for it to be discontinued years later? Why can't all good things last forever? Unfortunately, McDonald's recently announced it will be removing all three of its McCafé Bakery items from the menu, according to Today. The soon-to-be-departing treats include the streusel crumb-topped blueberry muffin, the cream cheese-drizzled cinnamon roll, and the sugar-glazed apple fritter.

These products have been on the menu since 2020 – when McDonald's got new bakery items for the first time in almost a decade — and they will likely be discontinued by July 15, 2023, per an Instagram post that broke the news before Today fact-checked it. One McDonald's USA representative confirmed this development with an explanation of the reason why, saying, "We're always listening to our fans and adjusting our menu based on what they crave." In other words, although many consumers love these sweet treats, there just wasn't enough love to justify keeping them on the menu. Cue the violins.

These three dessert products join McDonald's growing list of other discontinued items, including the Arch Deluxe, McPizza, Triple Double Burger, and Big N Tasty. Now, McDonald's fans are sharing mixed reactions to this recent bit of news on social media.

Other dessert options are still available at McDonald's and other chains

Many consumers reacted negatively to the announcement, with one person commenting on the original Instagram post that the McDonald's cinnamon roll just became their pregnancy craving. Another claimed that the individual in charge of this decision "should be fired." But others didn't seem to mind, with one user expressing hope the omission would make room for bagel breakfast sandwiches. Another said the bakery treats are stale anyway, adding that the discontinued Cinnamelts were better.

If you still want to enjoy a blueberry muffin, cinnamon roll, or apple fritter, specifically, you can always try another fast-food chain. If you don't mind likely paying a bit more than the McDonald's price, you can head over to Cinnabon for a cinnamon roll. As for the blueberry muffin, you can order one from Dunkin', Panera Bread, or Starbucks. And when it comes to the apple fritter, your local bakery probably sells them. It may not offer a drive-thru, but it's still worth a visit.

Although you only have a few more days to enjoy these baked McDonald's treats, the good news is: The chain will still offer plenty of other sweet items to complement your meal or satisfy a craving. McFlurries and other frozen desserts, along with chocolate chip cookies and baked apple pies, will still be part of the menu, indefinitely.