Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza Looks Deliciously Messy

There are no wrong pizza toppings. There, we said it. Pizza seems like one of those meals that's so universal and diverse you could pretty much put anything on it and there'll be at least one person who will enjoy it. Even though there may be some pizza lovers out there who wouldn't touch a slice with a 10-foot pole if it had pineapples or anchovies on it, it's almost guaranteed there are others drooling over the chance to devour it. So, when you hear there are places out there that blend a chicken Caesar salad with a pizza, you probably can't help but be culinarily intrigued.

In one TikTok video, we catch a glimpse of hip-hop sensation Cardi B taking her first bite of a chicken Caesar salad pizza slice. It's hard to ignore the size of the slice and the stiffness of the bottom, which doesn't seem to bend under the weight of the fresh ingredients piled on top. After a delicate bite from the tip of the slice, the "I Like It" singer shakes her head in approval and exclaims, "Good!" So, how exactly does one successfully combine crunchy, cold salad and hot, cheesy pizza?

How the chicken Caesar salad pizza is made

In a behind-the-scenes look, another TikToker shared how Evio's Pizza & Grill in Florida makes its specialty chicken Caesar salad pizza. Although it doesn't seem to be listed on the chain's main menu, it has created a bit of a sensation on social media. The secret to this creation is a solid foundation made from freshly made and tossed pizza dough that gets covered with a heaping amount of mozzarella cheese. This is tossed into the oven, baked, and cut twice to create four large slices. Next, a huge amount of crisp romaine lettuce is tossed in creamy Caesar dressing and sprinkled all over the hot pizza. Layers of chicken breasts are scattered among the circular pie and more dressing is poured around and around until the top surface is coated just right. Finally, grated parmesan cheese falls like a delicious snowfall to finish it all off.


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Even though this may not even be the most unique item in Evio's arsenal of pizzas — the restaurant also offers a Gyro Pizza topped with tomatoes, onions, tzatziki sauce, and gyro meat as well as a meatball parm pizza — there is something special about combining a creamy garlic-filled salad and a steaming cheesy pizza. Just make sure you have a plate under your chin to catch all the salad that's sure to fall as you enjoy this messy slice.