Spongmonkeys, The Beloved Yet Bizarre Quiznos Mascots, Are Returning

It's been a while since Quiznos' bizarre mascots, the Spongmonkeys, sang the sandwich chain's praises. However, it looks like the chaotic rodent-esque creatures are making a comeback this year, nearly two decades after their initial on-screen debut. The Spongmonkeys first emerged as restaurant mascots in a 2004 Quiznos ad, showcasing their strange, potato-shaped bodies and poorly edited human features. If nothing else, they left an impression. Sadly, the sandwich chain did away with the Spongmonkeys at the end of 2004.

Years later, Quiznos' weird mascots still crop up in memes — but they've just announced a more official return. A new Quiznos ad brings the Spongmonkeys back to the screen, revealing that the company is undergoing a revival. The commercial features two Spongmonkeys who sing, "We are baaack! On a road trip... to get to Quiznos!" They also joke about the current gas prices, blending the comedy of the early 2000s with the current state of the world today.

Why Quiznos' Spongmonkeys are back

The new Spongmonkeys ad is a fitting way to ring in a new era of Quiznos, and it certainly capitalizes on the nostalgia surrounding the sandwich chain. As Quiznos is revamping its presence in the U.S., it's the perfect time to remind people why it was popular in the first place. As the ad points out, "It's harder to find a Quiznos these days." The company significantly cut down on its restaurants, with many Quiznos disappearing. By 2007, more than 4,000 had gone away and as of April of this year, an estimated 154 locations remained. The chain is nearly nonexistent now, but the Spongmonkeys promise that's about to change. Their ad ends with the vow that "it's a new day."

Quiznos' website confirms its big return, teasing the arrival of new items, like Philly Cheesesteaks, and old favorites, like the Chicken Carbonara and Classic Italian. The site also has a form, where customers can submit their zip code if they'd like a Quiznos to open near them. It shows off the restaurant's new look, which is part of its "new vision for the future of Quiznos." For the sake of longtime fans, hopefully, that vision pans out better than the previous one. It'd be nice to see the sandwich chain succeed, especially after its lengthy departure from the limelight.