A Viral TikTok Proves That First Costco Trip After Moving Is No Joke

Most people are aware that a trip to Costco could mean a severe dent in your weekly budget. Despite Costco's main draw relying on the big box store providing excellent discounts and high-quality deals to its members, Costco customers can also leave with a hefty receipt. If you thought your standard grocery trips were breaking the bank, be prepared to gasp, as one TikTok user cataloged her journey purchasing all new kitchen staples and furnishings for her new home. 

The newly married TikTok user paid a staggering $811.42 in a single trip, causing commenters to recall tales of their biggest Costco hauls. One user stated, "Last time we went to Costco we spent 1200 lol" while another explained, "Yup! My bf and I moved in together 3 months ago, and we had two Target trips totaling about $700 in the first week... NO ONE EVER PREPARES YOU." Others lamented the rising rate of the cost of living, stating, "So now it's $800 every month" and "This is insane no way it should be over 200." Athough, the video's creator was quick to point out that this was far more than a standard grocery trip.

What can you buy at Costco for over $800?

While many commenters shared stories of their most costly Costco trips, others expressed shock, wondering aloud what the TikToker could possibly have purchased to ring up the nearly-thousand dollar price tag. Though we aren't treated to a full walkthrough of her purchases, the TikToker who shared the short video explained in a comment "We bought groceries but also cleaning supplies and mats and coffee makers and things like that"


this hurt 😇

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A brief look at the fully-packed shopping cart also reveals a number of bulk items such as hand soap, kitchen spices, paper products, bulk rice, flour, and other purchases that don't normally make it into the weekly grocery store rotation. With the addition of multiple coffee makers, which can each run somewhere between $60 to $200, it makes perfect sense why the bill would be so exorbitantly high.

Obviously, newlyweds can furnish their home and pantry in smaller, segmented trips slowly over the course of months or even years if budgeting doesn't allow for an $800+ bill in a single trip. Of course, if there's a place to get good deals on new home furnishing, Costco may be your best bet.