The McDonald's Hash Brown TikTok Hack That Apparently Tastes Like Apple Pie

We've seen a lot of fast food hacks here at Mashed and, for the most part, they all make sense. Take, for example, the simple trick for making a Chick-fil-A ice cream sandwich. The DIY is pretty self-explanatory — you place a serving of the chain's Icedream between two chocolate chunk cookies. Sounds pretty good, right? Still, for all the hacks that have us chomping at the bit to give them a try, there are a few we've come across that have raised our eyebrows –- like the one that TikTok user @spaceydout shared earlier this year.

Believe it or not, the TikToker insisted that the combination of a McDonald's hash brown and a frozen Coke somehow come together to resemble the flavor of a beloved, all-American dessert. "It will taste like an apple pie, I promise you," the TikToker assured in their January 10 post.

To prove that this was not just an elaborate ruse to get viewers to try an odd Mickey D's combo, the TikToker also filmed a demonstration of how to execute their menu hack. "So you have to take a sip, let it sit in your mouth for a bit, then take a bite and chew it together. Like, let it dissolve together," they explained. "Promise you. Hash brown, frozen Coke equals apple pie," they said.

Is this McDonald's hack the real deal?

If you're scratching your head over the idea of this McDonald's hash brown hack, don't worry, you're not the only one. "Might give it a go but surely it won't taste nice. i'm scared," one person commented on the TikTok post, while another suggested simply ordering one of the chain's famous hot apple pies instead. Even the hack's inventor knows their idea sounds a little off –- though that didn't stop her from adding another note of reassurance before the video's end. "You need to try it, I promise you," she vowed again.

Despite the TikToker's confidence in their food hack, one can't help but wonder: Does the combination of a McDonald's hash brown and frozen Coke really taste like apple pie? As of this writing, it does not appear that anybody else has given this slightly bizarre mixture a try. However, there is some evidence that it could be legit.

The hack hits on several elements of a slice of apple pie, as apples and potatoes have slightly similar textures, while both Coca-Cola and apple pie filling are fairly sweet. Furthermore, Coke and potatoes have also been combined together before in a few recipes, including celebrity chef Bryan Voltaggio's roasted potatoes braised in cola. Therefore, though this food combo might seem a bit odd, it might actually be worth trying. Even if you don't think it tastes like pie, at least you'll still have a hash brown and a drink.