The Under-The-Radar Cold Foam You Can Find On Starbucks' Secret Menu

Ever since Starbucks started offering cold foam in 2014, people have been finding ways to further zhuzh up the creamy topping. By 2021, adding new flavors to cold foam had become a Starbucks hack employees don't want customers to know, as many get frustrated with overly customized 'secret menu' orders that can be complex or time-consuming to make compared to other drinks.

But regardless of how employees feel about secret menu cold foams — or any Starbucks secret menu item, for that matter — they're abundant, and they're here to stay. TikTok, obviously, is the primary source of most jazzed-up cold foams, with users recommending new combos or personal favorites. TikTok user Eeazuz, for instance, suggests combining a blonde espresso shot, matcha, or dark caramel with Starbucks' vanilla sweet cream.

Other secret menu items involve blending cold foam with blackberries, strawberry puree, mocha, or even coconut milk and matcha. The point is, the cold foam possibilities are endless if you know how to order.

How do you order a Starbucks secret menu cold foam?

Seeing as the official Starbucks menu is limited to only a few cold foams, you may be wondering how exactly you go about ordering, say, a strawberry cold foam. While Starbucks employees will refuse certain drink requests – namely blending food into your drink — they are usually willing to blend additional purees or syrups into your cold foam. If you wanted a lemon cold foam atop your tea, for example, TikTok user Stefani says to simply order your tea as you normally would. Next, ask for your beverage to be topped with cold foam that's been blended with lemonade. The same process applies to just about every other cold foam creation you can think of.


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Granted, as Stefani and several commenters point out, Starbucks employees may "look at you sideways" for your request, but it's a perfectly feasible customization. What's more, it's definitely worth experimenting with different cold foam flavor pairings, so go forth with confidence and find your new favorite cold foam!