Costco's Cherished Rotisserie Chickens Are Turning Against Customers

We all have those days where our stomach just feels a bit off, or when we're running to the bathroom just a bit more often than we'd like. For those who don't suffer from chronic GI problems like IBS, this unfamiliar feeling may have you retracing your meals, wondering what you ate that could have possibly caused your internal distress. For many Costco lovers who frequently enjoy the wholesaler's groceries, all signs point to the rotisserie chicken.

It is hard to resist the savory smell of the golden-brown rotating chickens that fill the air across the warehouse, but many Costco members have recently found themselves regretting their choice in dinner after spending the rest of the night returning to the toilet. Reddit users are seriously worried about Costco's rotisserie chicken: One poster on the r/Costco subreddit shared their experience with the Costco staple, claiming, "The rotisserie chicken gives us diarrhea every single time." A concerned commenter agreed, "This chicken upsets my stomach. Idk I feel like I taste chemicals in the brine or something. Is it me?" Another user claimed that it might not vary by location either, saying, "Doesn't matter the state- I've had the chicken in 3 states and it's all the same. The preservatives (or something) they use in the rotisserie chicken make my stomach upset. A family member vomits every time." Other users advised OP to check the chicken's label to find the possible culprit for their GI problems.

This food additive may be causing rotisserie chicken lovers to run for the bathroom

Multiple Reddit users on the r/Costco thread pointed out a specific ingredient used in Costco's rotisserie chickens: carrageenan. According to Healthline, this food additive is derived from red seaweed and is mostly used as a thickening agent. While there is not yet enough substantial scientific evidence to prove that carrageenan causes intestinal issues, many people have experienced uncomfortable digestive side effects after eating foods with carrageenan such as irritable bowels, indigestion, and bloating. When discussing the additive's effects on the body after eating, one Reddit user joked, "Ironically it doesn't thicken your bowel movements."

Big words like carrageenan often scare conscious shoppers, but rest assured: The additive is food safe and has not been found to cause damaging side effects such as cancer. This rumor was a concern for many after a TikToker used their platform to spread unsubstantiated claims about carrageenan's effects on the body. With the proper research, news outlets likeĀ Insider reported that these claims were rooted in misinformation, assuring rotisserie chicken lovers that carrageenan is well-regulated by the US and cannot be transformed into a cancerous substance when digested by the body. The only harm caused by Costco's $5 rotisserie chickens that shoppers have noted is the occasional digestive discomfort, although many fans continue to purchase it anyways. If you've had previous tummy troubles with this chicken, we recommend popping a few Tums after enjoying your dinner, just to be safe.