KFC (Sort Of) Saved The Day After An Airline's Catering Spoiled

Airplane food doesn't have the best reputation in the world, but if planes were catered by KFC, that stereotype might just turn around. The folks aboard a British Airways flight sort of know what that scenario feels like, but for them, it wasn't quite as good as it sounds. On July 23, passengers on a flight traveling from Turks and Caicos to London were told there was no edible food on the plane. As a result, their meal options on the 12-hour flight would be more restricted than usual ... much more restricted. 

The plane's catering carts hadn't been refrigerated overnight, which meant that all of the food intended for the passengers needed to be thrown out. This certainly isn't the kind of news that anyone sitting down for a 12-hour flight wants to hear. Luckily, the flight made a scheduled stop in Nassau in the Bahamas, and the crew headed out to find some food for the plane, certainly making the day of travel feel much more like a road trip than a transatlantic flight. So, where did the crew turn in their time of need? Where any of us would go in a crisis involving an airplane full of hungry people: They headed to KFC.

KFC came through for hungry passengers

The crew was able to secure just enough fried chicken to feed all the passengers onboard, limiting each person to one piece of chicken. According to a British Airways spokesperson, "With limited options available at the airport, our teams sprung into action and made sure our customers onboard our flight had something to eat" — per People. They added that "travelers were provided with a refreshment voucher upon landing." It seems that all was okay in the end, though some passengers complained they didn't even receive their promised voucher once the plane landed. 

That said, if this story scares the vegetarians and fast food haters of the world, it may be a good reminder to pack a snack or two on your next flight. As for British Airways, the company is sure to do everything in its power to prevent this from happening again. Still, the airline didn't chicken out of issuing an apology that proves it saw a bit of humor in the situation: "We apologize to customers that their full meal service was not available and we had to wing it on this occasion. We're sorry if we ruffled any feathers" (via CNN). Hopefully, if this ever happens again, the crew will at least get everyone some fries to go with their single piece of chicken.