The Paul Reubens Sandwich Sounds So Good You'll Want To Marry It

Although the world has plenty of Reuben sandwiches, only Ike's has a Paul Reubens sandwich. Named for the late Paul Reubens (perhaps best known for his role as Pee-Wee Herman), the Paul Reubens sandwich takes the game to a whole new level. How much will you love it? You'll want to marry it.

While the original Reuben sandwich uses corned beef, Ike's version uses pastrami. The sandwich also comes with Swiss cheese, French dressing, purple slaw, lettuce, tomato, and Ike's signature Dirty Sauce, which is essentially a seasoned garlic aioli. Without any upcharges for additional toppings, the sandwich costs $13.95. Ike's also offers a version called the Pee Wee sandwich, which is identical with the exception of using vegan turkey instead of pastrami.

Naturally, people have endless positive things to say about the sandwich, with one Reddit user commenting, "This has got to be one of the best sammies in the game." Others also declared the sandwich their favorite, noting that the dressing ties it all together. The Paul Reubens sandwich also has a 90% positive rating on DoorDash, making it one of the highest-ranked items on Ike's menu.

Ike's honors dozens of celebs with sandwich creations

Interestingly, the Paul Reubens sandwich isn't the only menu item at Ike's to pay homage to beloved celebrities. Ike's offers a sandwich inspired by the late Robin Williams, which includes halal chicken, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, pepper jack cheese, Italian dressing, and Dirty Sauce, as well as sandwiches named for Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci and present-day food legend Adam Richman. Of course, Ike's menu also includes sandwiches named for various baseball stars, sports radio hosts, and ESPN commentators.

All in all, the menu has 27 different sandwiches, with six able to be made vegan, and a few more boasting awards. The Matt Cain sandwich, for instance, was labeled the "best sports sandwich" by ESPN in 2011, while Duff Goldman declared the Backstabber sandwich "the best thing [he] ever ate." Talk about high praise! If you're interested in trying one of these sandwiches for yourself, Ike's has locations in California, Utah, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada. These locations also offer delivery through the major food delivery apps.

And remember, when you order the Paul Reubens, be sure to tell them Large Marge sent you.