The McDonald's Orange Julius Hack We Wish We Knew Sooner

Finding a delicious hack — or one that saves you money — is always exciting and well worth sharing so others can take part in the joy. One TikTok creator discovered a super easy way to create an Orange Julius at McDonald's that will leave you wondering why you didn't think of it first. To make the McDonald's version of an Orange Julius, order a McFlurry, add a splash of orange soda from the soda machine, and mix it well.

Some people loved this hack, but others came to the comments section to discuss a few flaws. "We don't have a soda fountain anymore in [the] dining room," one person claimed. "That's only if you can find a McDonald's that actually has [an] ice cream machine that works," joked another, reminding everyone that McDonald's ice cream machines always seem to be broken.

Others pointed out that ordering a vanilla cone in a cup and an orange soda would save more money and eliminate the possibility of getting kicked out of the restaurant for grabbing some soda that wasn't part of your order. These weren't the only issues commenters had with this creation.

Orange Julius highlights fresh orange juice, not soda

For those who fondly remember the original Orange Julius drinks, this beverage brings back nostalgic memories of time spent in malls and food courts. While people are still familiar with the drink, the company has since been folded into Dairy Queen and no longer exists as a standalone franchise. Orange Julius began as a juice stand created by Julius Freed in 1926. His friend, Bill Hamlin, enjoyed Freed's product but had difficulty with the acidic orange juice. His solution was to add crushed ice, syrup, milk, and a 'secret ingredient.' Some compared it to an instant vanilla pudding mix. Hamlin encouraged Freed to sell the concoction, which increased sales, and the Orange Julius was born. As such, you can see how the TikTok in question doesn't quite hit the mark in terms of accuracy.


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The key to the drink's popularity was always its fresh-squeezed orange juice, but Dairy Queen likely wanted to speed up the process, so they switched to boxed orange juice, a scoop of powder, and ice. If you're looking for an Orange Julius copycat recipe, there are plenty out there. A DIY orange soda float may be tasty, but as some TikTok comments point out, the most authentic way to make an Orange Julius at McDonald's doesn't involve adding orange soda at all. Simply add orange juice to a vanilla McFlurry or a vanilla cone in a cup, stir if you like, and enjoy.