Can You Order Pizza From Costco?

Costco's food court offerings are as cheap as they are delicious, so it's no surprise that customers might grab a pizza during a trip to the retailer. It's hard to say no when the price is right, and the low cost of the store's pizzas has even raised questions about whether Costco does home deliveries. It certainly would be a convenient, money-saving alternative to ordering from chains like Domino's and Papa Johns. Unfortunately, Costco doesn't currently offer pizza delivery.

The Costco website confirms as much on its customer service page, stating, "It is not possible to place on order for pizza online at this time. Please visit or phone your local Costco food court to place your order. There, a member of our team will gladly assist you." Costco addresses similar queries about its cakes and other products, none of which can be delivered directly to customers' homes. This may come as a disappointment to those who enjoy the retailer's pre-prepared foods. Luckily, there are ways to obtain its pizza more quickly and conveniently than ordering at the counter.

Costco's pizza can be ordered in advance

Although Costco doesn't deliver its pizza, the food court does allow customers to place pick-up orders in advance. This doesn't eliminate the need to leave the house, but it lessens the amount of time spent waiting for this menu item. While many shoppers pick up pizza on their way out of the store, it's faster and easier to phone in an order, just as Costco's customer service page suggests. With entire pies selling for less than $10 in most stores, it's well worth the trip.

It's unlikely Costco will change its policies and embrace pizza delivery any time soon — and it may not benefit customers if it did. Delivering pizza to members' homes would cost the store more money, ramping up the price in the process. Though Costco pizzas are delicious, their low cost is one of their main appeals. Without this, consumers could just as easily order Domino's or Papa Johns for delivery instead.