The Piping Bag Hack That Makes Frosting Cupcakes A Breeze

Cupcakes are a simple dessert to make, but frosting them properly can prove tricky, especially when aiming for an aesthetically pleasing swirl. Piping bags are meant to help with this. However, they can sometimes complicate matters. Using a piping bag is often a messy experience, from filling it with icing to cutting open the tip. Thankfully, there's a helpful hack for the latter — and it's one newer bakers won't want to ignore.

When using a disposable piping bag, it's necessary to cut an opening at the bottom so that the frosting comes out. Bakers need to approach this step with care. Slicing the bag too high can make the plastic tip unusable while slicing it too low will prevent the frosting from getting out. Either scenario will throw off the frosting ratio. A too-small opening also risks bursting the bag. The best way to avoid such problems is by using the tip to determine where to cut.

The best way to cut a piping bag

One hack for ensuring the right amount of icing comes out of a piping bag is to insert the tip first, then cut the bag around it. This is an easy enough approach, and it guarantees the opening will be the right size. However, doing this could ruin the tip. Needless to say, bakers should be gentle when utilizing this hack, as seen on TikTok.


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It's also possible to insert the tip and make a slight mark or indentation where the cut should be. Once that's done, the tip won't need to be in the bag when the baker trims it. The opening will remain the correct size with no damage to the tip.

Of course, this doesn't fix every problem with messy piping bags; bakers also need to be careful about overfilling the pastry bag. It takes practice to use this baking tool like a pro. Over time, it gets easier — and the cupcakes look prettier as a result.