If Only McDonald's Viral Ice Cream Cakes Were On The Menu

Cake is a popular way to celebrate someone's birthday, and one McDonald's employee came up with a festive dessert customers will wish was on the menu. It's no secret McDonald's offerings can be turned into fun concoctions. McDonald's hacks are abundant on TikTok and Instagram, where patrons share secret menu items and new mash-up ideas. One viral TikTok even transforms McDonald's breakfast and dessert ingredients into a mini birthday cake.

The viral TikTok video shows the employee preparing a fun treat for their manager's birthday. In the footage, the creator, who works at the fast food restaurant, cuts a plastic cup. They then combine McDonald's soft serve ice cream, hot cakes, and several ice cream toppings to form a mini cake. The final product looks as delicious as it sounds. Given the many potential approaches, it's a versatile treat that resembles a birthday favorite. Unfortunately, it'll be hard for the average customer to replicate.

How to make a McDonald's birthday cake

Most McDonald's customers won't have access to all the ingredients to make these mini birthday cakes. Hotcakes aren't typically sold alongside ice cream, and toppings are typically put on the ice cream while preparing the order. However, given how adaptable this McDonald's hack is, patrons can still attempt to copy it — just with different ingredients than what's shown in the video. 


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One way to do this is by replacing McDonald's Hotcakes with its chocolate chip cookies, which boast a similar shape and sturdiness. They'll line the bottom of an impromptu birthday cake nicely. In a worst-case scenario, a McDonald's pie can be crushed up, though it won't keep its shape as successfully. Ice cream is easy to obtain at any McDonald's store, and a typical cone can be crushed to create the birthday cake's topping. Customers can also ask for toppings on the side. Then it's as simple as combining all of these items. The end result will likely be messier than what's shown on TikTok, but it will taste good enough to brighten anyone's birthday.