The Viral Lunchables Pizza Hack We Wish We Knew As Kids

We all remember Lunchables, the small and inexpensive child charcuterie, perfectly packed and sealed in a bento-style container for a school lunch. While some adults recoil at the thought of the tiny portions and rubbery ingredients today, a recent TikTok hack may inspire you to purchase one just for the nostalgic novelty.

The hack, as shown in a viral video, involves folding the package of an Extra Cheesy Pizza Lunchables over itself like a Fage yogurt, in order to empty the pre-shredded cheese into the largest section of the Lunchables' container. This functions similarly to turning the package upside down and shaking out its contents but places the cheese perfectly in the circular pizza-shaped section of the container. 

From there, you can easily add the cheese to the pizza's surface by dipping the crust sauce-side-down into the cheesy mixture, using the sauce as something of a glue to lift the toppings out of the box. This methodology sounds like a bit of a mouthful, but witnessing the trick makes it incredibly clear, leaving thousands of TikTok commenters to contemplate purchasing the classic lunchtime meal for themselves.

Is this Lunchables hack worth trying?

Lunchables may be incredibly nostalgic to a large swath of people 40 and under, but is this hack actually revolutionary? Arguably, without the use of this tip, kids would be reaching their fingers into the tightly packed container in order to retrieve the requisite cheese to spread across their pizza discs, likely creating quite a mess in the process. So, realistically, the hack shown in the TikTok serves as a preferable alternative to scraping the bits of cheese up by hand but still fails to rectify the original packaging flaw that necessitates this hack in the first place.


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Of course, you don't find yourself needing hacks and tricks to effectively devour a package of similar products like Totino's, leaving Lunchables the odd one out. This didn't stop TikTok users from eating up the hack like the processed meats and crumbly crackers of a Lunchables meal, though, with commenters saying things like "life changing" and "What? That's so convenient. No [one] ever taught us that, either. Lol darn Lunchables."