How To Eat At An Amusement Park Without Getting Sick On The Rides

Spending the day at a theme park is a fun and exciting excursion that usually leads to incredible memories. However, amusement parks often include long lines, intense rides, and many indulgent food options. If you don't plan accordingly, you may find that a greasy, deep-fried corndog with cheese doesn't go down so well when followed by a big rollercoaster ride.

If you are planning on leisurely strolling through the park and sticking to relaxing rides, you will likely be able to eat to your heart's desire. It's worth keeping in mind that the food at Disneyland and other parks is extremely decadent, especially if you start creating wild combinations. However, if you plan on prioritizing the rides, you may have to be pickier with your food choices throughout the day to avoid getting sick. Even just timing your bigger meals right and planning for downtime between rides can be helpful.

Certain foods can help prevent motion sickness

Some people are naturally prone to motion sickness when they drive, fly, or go on certain types of rides, but the foods you consume and when you eat them can also make a big difference in how your stomach reacts. For example, skipping the sugar-filled waffles and donuts at your hotel breakfast and opting for bland foods like oatmeal or toast before getting to the theme park can set you up for success.

Grabbing a bagel or buying some fruit on-site can help sustain your energy without causing your stomach to churn too much as you enjoy the rides. Nurse practitioner Sarah Clark spoke to The Takeout and explained that eating bland foods made from plain ingredients is the way to go. While these foods may not seem fun or especially tasty, they are unlikely to exacerbate your motion sickness. Specifically, she recommends the BRAT diet if you're prone to motion sickness because it cuts out foods that are overly greasy or filled with refined sugar. Instead, per the acronym, it emphasizes simple options like bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.

It's all about balance

It's also a good idea to eat frequently and avoid feeling overly hungry. Packing a lot of easily accessible snacks is a great plan since eating regularly throughout the day can help ease your stomach and avoid the need to overeat right before a ride. Staying hydrated is also essential since amusement parks usually entail lots of walking in the heat. Dehydration can not only lead to heat exhaustion but it can make you feel extra nauseous and queasy in between rides.

Of course, half the fun of an amusement park is exploring its food options, but there is a way to do this effectively by viewing your meals through a more nutritious lens. Instead of dunking your Mickey Mouse pretzel in nacho cheese, consider using mustard instead. Try to prioritize well-balanced meals and quality sources of protein when you can, like ordering a grilled chicken wrap with veggies instead of breaded and deep-fried chicken strips and fries.

Finally, there are some outrageous theme park desserts that you'll understandably want to try. So, don't be afraid to purchase these types of food shortly before leaving the park. Caramel apples, cotton candy, and deep-fried Twinkies are all delicious, but saving these treats until the end of the day will give you time to prioritize rides first and indulge later.