The Tiny Sombreros On Sierra Tequila Bottles Have Surprising Practical Uses

The cute little sombreros on top of bottles of Sierra tequila have led to much curiosity over the years, but you might be "today years old" when you realize they actually have functions beyond being just amusing finger adornments. If you've ever wanted to salt the rim of your shot glass for that classic tequila experience, you can fill the tiny sombrero with salt, then flip over your shot glass (pre-wet with water or the juice of a lemon wedge), and swirl the rim around the salt. Or, need a hint of lime to elevate your tequila shot? The sombrero's rim can also serve as a juicer for tiny citrus, infusing your drink with that zesty goodness.

But that's not all, the small sombreros also act as shot measurers. They precisely hold just the right amount of tequila for the perfect shot, eliminating guesswork and spills and providing a smooth, measured pour. Even travel-sized versions of Sierra bottles include the multi-purpose hat, elevating your tequila experience anywhere you go.

Hidden uses of Sierra's sombreros spread on social media

The internet has been abuzz with the intriguing multi-use features of the sombreros on Sierra tequila bottles. It appears Twitter user @J4ACKMULL first made this discovery and shared their findings three years ago. "Shut the front door!!! I didn't know that. I thought it was just a little sombrero," said one responder, showing we are among many that didn't know about the sombrero's practical uses, beyond maybe being a novelty small pet accessory. With this new knowledge, it becomes a total game changer for at-home bars.

Sierra Tequila is a fourth-generation family-owned tequila business based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Though their website doesn't give away the secrets of the hat's secret uses, they do share a good number of creative recipes for tasty margaritas (from a classic take to more flavorful options like kiwi-black pepper and mango-chili), proving there's many ways to enjoy this popular spirit, which has become a $2.9 billion industry in the States alone.

Whether you choose to sip tequila, take a shot of the liquor, or enjoy in a cocktail drink, now Sierra bottles make the experience so much easier.