Marinara Sauce Is The Secret Ingredient For More Flavorful Bloody Marys

What's a better cocktail for those Saturday brunches than a Bloody Mary? While Bloody Marys come in many renditions (some like it spicy, some like it savory), the humble tomato is always front and center. However, if you want a drink that's busting with flavor, you should ditch those pre-fixed Bloody Mary mixes. Instead, you should consider tossing in some marina sauce to liven things up.

We know what you're thinking. Marina sauce does sound like we're making spaghetti instead of a mixed drink, but sometimes innovation comes from bold places. While many Bloody Mary recipes call for just tomato juice, Tabasco sauce, and Worcestershire sauce, mixologists have been known to toss tomato sauce as a base for the drink as well. Tomato sauce gives the base of the drink a thicker consistency and a brighter flavor. From tomato sauce, marinara sauce is only a short stop away.

So why would you use marinara sauce? For one, marinara sauce is thinner than tomato sauce and easier to incorporate into a drink, without really putting that blender through the ringer. Another reason you should go with marinara instead is because the sauce has a more complex flavor profile, incorporating multiple spices and herbs. It will make your cocktail more dynamic as a result.

How to use marinara

When making a Bloody Mary, ultimately the choice of marinara sauce is up to you. If you want a hearty and saucy blend, the sauce company Raos has its own Bloody Mary recipe, which combines its signature marinara with vodka, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and olive juice. Meanwhile, Mezzetta has its own competing recipe that also uses horseradish but trades the olive juice for tomato juice instead.

When it comes to incorporating marinara into the drink, it's a fairly easy process. Depending on the recipe, you'll want around half a cup of marina sauce. You'll combine the sauce in a blender with the other ingredients (except for the alcohol and toppings) and blend until you have a fine mixture. If the mixture is too thick, consider blending it more or adding in some tomato juice to help thin the drink out. From there, feel free to mix in a glass and pour in your vodka or gin. When it comes to toppings, you can't go wrong with a few olives or a slice of celery, but if you're feeling a bit adventurous, consider a piece of bacon or a jalapeƱo for an extra kick.