Make Salmon Steaks Even Better With Frozen Orange Juice

When it comes to cooking, orange juice may be one of the most versatile slept-on ingredients. While it's true OJ makes for nutritional refreshment in the morning, there's so much more you can use it in — everything from cake mixes to salad dressings and rib spritzes. However, frozen orange juice can also be a game changer and flavor booster when it comes to salmon steaks.

Here's how to properly incorporate orange juice into the recipe. First things first, you should properly salt your salmon steaks and also allow your frozen orange juice to semi-thaw. From there, you will add the orange juice into the skillet, alongside garlic and butter to create a nice glaze for your fish. Frozen orange juice works wonders as an ingredient, boosting without overwhelming the natural flavors of the fish.

Likewise, the glaze helps prevent the salmon from drying out while it sizzles in the pan. Other recipes call for fresh orange juice. For instance, you can combine the tang of OJ with the sweetness of honey for a nice combo. You can also allow your fish to marinate in the citrus to give it a stronger flavor before oven-baking.

Citrus and fish are a dynamic duo

While combining orange juice and fish might not be an obvious choice, tossing some orange juice on your salmon isn't too far removed from including some lemon slices. Citrus complements fish well because it lightens the dish and can cut through those somewhat briney, gamey flavors. Citruses also play well with other ingredients as well and can save an otherwise bland fish of piece. 

Likewise, citruses can help improve the quality and texture of your fish as well. Due to its acidic nature, citrus causes the proteins in the fish meat to denature. This results in a firmer piece of fish that packs the flavor. So why use orange juice instead of something more conventional like lemon juice? For one, orange juice is sweeter and less tart than its citrus cousin, resulting in a filet or steak that's milder and tangier. Likewise given its flavor composition, orange juice better compliments other ingredients that go with salmon like honey or sugar, resulting in a sweet glaze as a result.