Under-The-Bed Snack Drawers Are The Aspirational Trend We Can Get Behind

Sometimes, making our way to the kitchen from our bedroom just to make a midnight snack is too much effort. Enter the under-the-bed snack drawer, courtesy of TikTok. Some people, blessed with captain's beds (complete drawers that sit neatly under their box spring), might naively think that the drawers were intended for clothing. But we know better, and a few inspired TikTokers have clarified the drawers' true purpose: under the bed drawers are the perfect spot for storing your midnight (or midday) cravings. 

Outfitted with clear pantry dividers, you can fit a surprising amount of your favorite snacks under your bed. So when the urge strikes, you don't even need to roll out of bed to get your hands on a delicious treat. Push that drawer open, and voilà, you have your own private vending machine supply, without any of the hassle. From Pringles to Reeses to protein bars, it's all there, and you don't need to take a single step. 

The viral trend has picked up steam with thousands of enthusiastic posters who have expressed wonder and delight at this home storage solution. While it might seem like the trend is only available to the select few who own beds with these kinds of drawers, a snack drawer is easily within reach of anyone whose bed is raised off the floor: all you need to do is add a couple of under-the-bed storage boxes (ideally the kind with wheels), and you've got your own snack drawer.

Snacks within reach

Some of the snack drawers may seem pretty over the top, but it happens to be part of a trend of oddly satisfying restocking videos, in which people perform the most elaborate, neatest, and quickest job of restocking a wide array of goods in pantries, refrigerators, and, yes, under-bed drawers. It works perfectly well for lesser stores as well — you can customize the idea to your own space size and preferences (a Costco-sized snack collection and clear bins are not required).


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There are a couple of minor issues, however. Potential competition for your snacks is one: Bugs and vermin may find your snack choices just as delightful as you do, and if the containers are not air-tight, they may fight you for your supply. Finding insects or mice in your drawer of delights is a definite drawback. Some snack choices could also make it harder to sleep, since sugar and caffeine tend to keep you up at night, and some of the very best things to eat before bed are not easily stored or prepared from the convenience of your drawer. The other problem is potentially more serious. Where do you store your drinks? Until someone invents refrigerated under-bed drawers, the only available drink options will be lukewarm at best, which definitely puts a damper on things. But we consider this a minor roadblock on the path to snacking greatness — certainly nothing TikTok can't solve, given a little time and a few clever influencers.