Popular Kung Fu Tea Flavors Ranked Worst To Best

In an attempt to spread the delicious, unique flavors of boba tea, Kung Fu Tea was created to showcase innovative recipes and topping combinations to people on the Western side of the world. The brand hosts a rich array of flavors that captivate palates across the country and world. Some flavors as basic as black tea, green tea, and oolong have evolved into offerings with diverse topping and flavor combinations due to the creativity of each Kung Fu Tea franchise. This results in an expansive menu that caters to both traditionalists and adventurous types of customers.

No matter your preference regarding teas versus juice, boba or bubbles, or even degrees of sweetness — there is something for everyone at Kung Fu Tea. The brand bases its reputation on remaining innovative and fresh in both ingredients and flavors. Boba tea shops in general offer lots of topping options and ways to customize your drink, resulting in recipes that stand across a wide spectrum of possible tastes. The bestselling and fan-favorite orders showcase an eclectic range of choices in style and taste, with each more surprising than the last. In these rankings each recipe explores the different nuances and complex tastes of each of these beverages and how Kung Fu Tea's innovative spirit has brought boba tea into a new age of Asian fusion food culture.

11. Strawberry Milk Slush

Released as a part of Kung Fu Tea's Slush Series, the Strawberry Milk Slush proves that the brand can make delicious treats that aren't just tea and boba pearls. One way that the brand keeps this particular traditional flavor up to date is the manner in which that strong, strawberry flavor prominently shows up in the drink without being too overpowering. The secret? Strawberry jam.

As noted by the Louisville Kung Fu Tea, strawberry jam is used alongside the signature lactose-free milk to create the iconic taste, using real fruit and more authentic methods to deliver flavor. Using real fruit in strawberry milk is ideal and popular amongst different Asian-style recipes such as Korean strawberry milk. By themselves, strawberries are packed with multiple vitamins, antioxidants and vitamin C, so a drink like this means you're getting some health benefits with your milky treat.

Blended into a frozen drink, the Strawberry Milk Slush ranks lower on the list due to its excellent flavor but simple nature. The extra toppings make the slush more interesting — for instance, you can add a milk foam cap or vanilla pudding to differentiate the flavor and texture. It's been noted that adding honey boba pearls can also provide a different layer and taste. Wherever you land on the spectrum of loving or hating strawberry milk, feel free to give this best seller a try.

10. Honey Oolong Tea

Existing fans of oolong tea can find it available at any Kung Fu Tea establishment, most notably in the Honey Oolong Tea menu option. Oolong tea is not like black or green tea. Its signature taste can vary depending on a number of factors: How the leaves are processed beforehand, steeping time, and to the amount of time the leaves are steeped overall, to cite a few examples. Because of this, the flavor of the tea can be subtle or bold, with its taste hitting anywhere on the spectrum of floral, grassy, sweet, or even toasty.

Though Kung Fu Tea's baseline recipe largely remains the same, the honey flavor adds a natural sweetness to the tea. Depending on how you like your oolong tea, this recipe is easily adjustable. Honey milk tea, for example, is a popular recipe across the world, particularly within boba shops, and can be a good choice for those interested in trying the honey oolong tea with or without boa.  Kung Fu Tea customers have found joy in the honey oolong tea, and ways of customizing to their specifications regarding sweetness, flavor combinations, and toppings. Basic is often best, making this beverage a good opener for someone trying oolong, or even boba tea, for the first time.

9. Fruity Green Teas

A popular offering that appears to be one of Kung Fu Tea's vegan options are the various fruit-infused green teas. A milder caffeinated tea, green tea can have a grassier taste that benefits from combining it with other strong, bolder flavors. Similar to drinks like the Strawberry Milk Slush, flavor for the green tea comes from deliciously crafted jams. Alongside mango jam, mango jelly helps boost the flavor with a fun textural element as well.

Green tea is renowned for its potential health benefits, including antioxidants and compounds that may support metabolism and overall well-being. Combined with the vitamins and nutrients found in fruits, these teas become a flavorful way to enjoy healthful compounds. These options — the aroma of the fresh fruit with the delicate floral notes of green tea, for instance — are also delicious across the senses as well. Other best-selling green tea flavors include passion fruit and grapefruit — fruits that highlight the lightness and freshness of the green tea. Customization is always a possibility and can diversify the flavor combinations even more.

8. Coconut Milk Tea

The idea of a coconut milk tea might seem a bit unconventional. However, for Kung Fu Tea it is another great stride toward making interesting, inventive craft beverages. As seen on Kung Fu Tea's TikTok, the drink is made with different powders and sugar, as well as the brand's signature black tea. A mixture of these individual ingredients seems par for the course, but when examined by taste alone, these elements do more for the palate than one might think, making this drink shine a bit brighter than others.

The exclusive black tea is actually an Earl Grey tea which showcases a light, citrus flavor. Recommended pairings of Earl Grey tea are other ingredients that have a citrus taste, or something more subtle so as not to overwhelm the tea. For added flavor, you could try adding warmer flavors or sweet toppings, such as vanilla pudding or mango popping bubbles. Don't let this unique drink slip under the radar.

7. Herbal Jelly Wow

Talking about unconventional choices, one's initial thought when faced with the option of an herbal jelly drink might be hesitancy to try something so new. Apart from Kung Fu Tea's signature tapioca boba pearls, other toppings you can choose from include its selection of interestingly flavored jelly like aloe, nata and herbal. The herbal jelly, otherwise known as grass jelly in other parts of the world, is made from mesona juice which has a mild herbal and mint taste, making it a good option to pair with stronger flavors like tea or sweetened drinks.

The Herbal Jelly Wow drink itself combines the tea of your choice with herbal jelly and the Kung Fu Tea Wow boba, which are brown sugar syrup-coated boba pearls. The earthy, mint flavorings of the jelly pairs well with the deep sweetness of the Wow bubbles. It is recommended by customers and team members to try at least once with your favorite tea choice, from oolong or black to something more distinct like Thai tea or chai.

6. Rosehip Lemonade

An alternative to the milk-based boba drinks, rosehip lemonade is a fresh take on normal lemonade that complements the drink in both flavor and color. Rosehips are tart in flavor, similar to plums or crabapples, and are easily harvested after the blooming season for roses. The combination of rosehip and lemon creates a delightful balance between tangy citrus notes and a delicate floral essence that one Yelp reviewer called a "fairly light, refreshing beverage ... sweet, with a strong yet pleasant floral taste." This balance offers a refreshing and multi-dimensional taste experience that's both zesty and soothing.

Apart from its difference in flavor profiles from many milk drinks at Kung Fu Tea, this style of beverage is also a bit more nutritionally beneficial. Both rosehips and lemons are great sources of vitamin C, known for its immune-boosting properties. The presence of vitamin C adds not only a healthful element to the drink, but also a pleasant tartness that complements the overall flavor profile.

Often served cold, rosehip lemonade makes a great choice during warmer seasons, but can be enjoyed year-round for both taste and visual delights. This delight can also be customized in all sorts of ways, including the addition of vanilla pudding to create sweet, lemon vanilla-style dessert drinks. Incorporating rosehip lemonade into Kung Fu Tea's menu adds a twist to its traditional offerings and captures the essence of both classic and contemporary tastes.

5. Red Bean Wow

The Red Bean Wow drink at Kung Fu Tea is popular and well-received for several reasons. The inclusion of red beans, also known as adzuki beans, introduces a creamy and slightly nutty texture to the drink, which contrasts wonderfully with one's chosen tea. As a staple ingredient in many Asian desserts and beverages, red beans used in an unconventional way provide a fun textural element with subtle sweetness. Typically, these beans are processed into a paste and included in fried or baked desserts. Kung Fu Tea's method of keeping the beans whole is not only delicious but visually eye-catching.

In terms of flavor, the true innovation is the combination of red beans and Wow bubbles, a topping that is already beloved by Kung Fu Tea fans and frequent customers. According to Kung Fu Tea's Marketing and PR lead Mai Shi, introducing the Wow bubbles to the menu "showcases our versatility when it comes to making drinks" (via Chicago Food Magazine). Combining the beans with the coveted sweet Wow bubbles adds another layer of creamy sweetness, opening up the menu item to be further diversified with one's tea choice.

4. Winter Melon Tea Cap

A winter melon tea is somewhat of an outlier choice in our ranked list, but its beloved nature and unique flavor make it high on the list. The winter melon is known for its subtly sweet and refreshing flavor that's often likened to a cross between cucumber and honeydew. The Winter Melon Tea Cap is a variation of a popular drink in Asian cultures that uses winter melon, sweetened condensed milk, and black tea. Instead of a fully milk tea, the winter melon is infused in a tea, while the milk element is featured in the unique yet alluring milk cap.

Milk caps, also known as cheese foam, are a unique menu item that can be added to any drink at Kung Fu Tea. Cheese foam is typically used to make cheese tea, a mixture of cream cheese, milk, and whipping cream. Added as a top layer to a handcrafted drink, cheese foam adds a creamy, salty yet sweet taste that acts as a delightful contrast to the tea underneath, as noted by some cheese foam fans on Reddit.

3. Longan Jujube Tea

Another authentic Asian-style tea that is catching the interest of many Kung Fu Tea customers is its Longan Jujube tea. Also known as red dates, longan and jujube are ingredients not commonly found in American beverages, but in Chinese culture they are often steeped in a calming, simmered drink. Longan is believed to promote relaxation and ease stress, while jujube is associated with digestive health and overall well-being. Together the ingredients of longan jujube tea help promote good sleep and can even help with blood circulation. The combination of the sweet and floral notes of longan with the rich, caramel-like sweetness of jujube creates a unique and memorable taste experience.

Kung Fu Tea's longan jujube tea imparts the same fruit-forward flavor that is also tangy and herbaceous. Honey, even in the form of honey boba pearls, is a great natural sweetener for this style of tea. While this style of tea is what some customers claim to be the more "adventurous choice," it is also a popular choice. The customization options at Kung Fu Tea allow you to give any kind of spin you like, from popping bubbles to different jellies, to your drink.

2. Kung Fu Milk Tea

The Kung Fu Milk Tea drink at Kung Fu Tea is a classic choice due to a combination of factors that have led it to rival some of their more popular choices. Traditionally, when making milk tea, the leaves are steeped in hot water and cooled down later with milk or creamer. At Kung Fu Tea, the milk tea base is composed of non-dairy milk-creamer and your tea of choice, either jasmine, black or oolong. This Taiwanese style of drink offers a smooth and creamy texture that's both satisfying and comforting to drink. It is also a drink that has a flavor that is both full bodied and balanced, with the milk and tea working in harmony.

The name Kung Fu Milk Tea pays homage to traditional tea culture, evoking a sense of authenticity and history. It is also the inspiration for Kung Fu Tea's overall mission and business model. "Unrivaled quality, utmost attention to detail and unquestionable authenticity, that is the Kung Fu Tea culture," according to the Kung Fu Tea founders. This blend of tea, milk, and sweetness appeals to a broad audience, from those who appreciate the traditional to those who enjoy modernized tea creations. It sits high in this ranking list for this reason, as it is reliably delicious in its traditional form, with potential for creativity for modern taste preferences.

1. Oreo Wow

When it comes to boba tea there are several popular flavors that earn top sales and high marks from customers. Some flavors are more traditional — such as taro, matcha and jasmine — while others showcase how American-Eastern boba shops have affected the markets. One notable flavor that seems like a no-brainer is Oreo, which Kung Fu Tea has been able to adopt seamlessly into their menu. The Oreo Wow drink is at the top of our list because of its ability to blend Eastern and Western food culture into one beloved treat.

Shown in a behind the scenes video, the Oreo Wow showcases crushed cookies and Wow brown sugar boba which cover the sides and bottom of the cup, topped with milk and ice. For many customers and reviewers it is their favorite drink for nostalgia, as well as the use of lactose-free milk. The use of Oreo cookies, a beloved and iconic treat, creates a sense of familiarity and comfort. Because of that, this drink entrances chocolate lovers with sweet tooths and lovers of the simple Oreo and milk combo. The blend of Oreo's chocolatey flavor with the creamy milk evokes childhood memories and a sense of indulgence. Overall, the Oreo Wow offers a dessert-like experience within the context of a beverage, allowing customers to enjoy a treat without having to opt for a traditional dessert.