Customers Score A Win Over Costco's Poor-Quality Vodka

The quality of Costco's spirits varies depending on the type. For the most part, the fact that they continue to sell tells you part of what you need to know about Costco's liquor selection. Unfortunately, one product is facing quality issues as of late: the Kirkland Signature vodka.

Costco has sold vodka under the Kirkland label for years, and its French Signature vodka (sold with a red label) has been touted as one of Costco's best buys. Its blue-label American vodka has gotten less love, with The Kitchn ranking it the lowest among several brands. Still, for the cheaper price tag, one could get past the nonexistent flavor of the product. That's why customers were surprised to discover that Kirkland's American vodka now tastes bad instead of bland.

Shoppers have taken to Reddit in recent weeks to question the diminished quality of Costco's Kirkland Signature vodka. Commenters agreed that the liquor has been "off" lately, with one even comparing its taste to "Flinstone's vitamins." Others admitted they'd tossed the product after trying it. Some customers had even purchased the Kirkland brand before. But those left with a bad taste in their mouths apparently have the opportunity to get their money back.

Costco is offering refunds for its poor-quality vodka

Needless to say, Costco shoppers were surprised by what they considered an abrupt shift in the Kirkland vodka's flavor. Fortunately, there's apparently an explanation for the change — and it doesn't seem to be permanent. An answer was offered in a separate Reddit thread, where a customer reported that Costco is currently recalling batches of its Kirkland vodka. The original poster shared a message they allegedly received from the retailer on August 15. In it, Costco appeared to confirm that the vodka purchased "does not meet our quality expectations." The company also offered a full refund.

Someone claiming to work at Costco's regional office responded to a similar Reddit thread. They claimed that several batches of Kirkland vodka were accidentally mixed with rum. "Apparently it has hints of rum due to a container not being completely cleaned before it was used for vodka during transport," they explained. "It has no health risks or implications, but it gave the vodka notes of rum!" They also purportedly listed the numbers of affected batches: 23-0973, 23-0979, 23-0988, 23-0976, and 23-0985. Anyone whose bottles match — or who's experienced lower-quality vodka — can call their store to inquire. It seems Costco is well aware of the problem and working to rectify it.