Sheet Pan Nachos Were Made For Halloween Parties

Halloween hits a bit differently than other holidays, especially when it comes to parties. Everything at a Halloween party – the costumes, the decorations, and, of course, the food — is just a little extra. Halloween recipes' goodies can resemble bats, ghosts, monsters, spiders, dirt, and more. The only problem? Decorating cupcakes to make them look like black cats can take a little (or a lot of) time. It's hard to find a Halloween treat that feeds a large amount of people, looks cool, and is relatively quick and easy to make.

If you have enough skills to chop and dice produce — and you own an oven and a baking sheet — then a sheet pan nachos recipe is a great option. These nachos are simple to make, can feed a lot of guests, and most people love them. There won't be much, if any, leftovers. Also, nachos are finger food; you don't need utensils to eat them. This can make them much more appealing for guests who are looking for the convenience of a quick crunch.

How to make your Halloween nachos even spookier

While all the aforementioned positives outline why nachos are a great party food, they don't touch on what makes them so delightfully adaptable for Halloween. The most obvious reason nachos are great for the spooky season is the color scheme — the nachos and cheese are orange while the veggies (peppers, olives, and tomatoes) are green, black, and red. If you prefer, however, you can get nachos in other colors — such as red, green, or black — for a different effect.

If you want to step up your Halloween game, you can add a few more special, edible treats to the spread. One idea is to carve a tomato or pepper to resemble a mini Jack-o'-lantern and place it on the tray. The beauty of this strategy is that you only need to make a few to establish a Halloween vibe. Alternatively, you could add some inedible items, such as plastic spiders, to the tray. Just make sure the spiders are clean and safe for use with food and that guests know they are only for decoration. (Obviously, you add the spiders after the nachos have been cooked.)

If you really want to take your nachos to the next level, you can use a Halloween cookie cutter and stamp out a few shapes — such as bats and pumpkins — from a tortilla and add them to the mix before baking. This gives you a few special Halloween-themed shapes, which can further elevate the snacking experience.