Colorado-Style Pizza Is An Underrated Pie With A Honey Twist

Pizza is a beloved staple across the U.S., so it's no wonder many areas have their own regional pizza styles. Colorado's leaves nothing on the table, maximizing the toppings, dough, and flavor in any given pie. Colorado-style pizza, also dubbed Colorado mountain-style pizza, stands out because of its crust. The crust is thick and hand-braided, and it's infused with honey to add sweetness to an otherwise savory dish. According to The Takeout, the crust gives this regional pizza its name. Its kneaded appearance resembles the mountains Colorado is famous for.

In addition to the bulky, honeyed crust, Colorado-style pies typically come with a large number of toppings. The toppings used vary depending on who's making the pizza. However, they typically include meats and veggies. Pepperoni, in particular, seems to be a favorite. Pairing such ingredients with honey gives the Colorado-style pie a sweet and savory taste that's incredibly underrated. Given the growing popularity of honey on pizza, it's no wonder it's starting to gain traction online.

Where to find Colorado-style pizza

Colorado pizzeria Beau Jo's is credited with the creation of the Colorado-style pizza. The restaurant is located in Idaho Springs, and according to Pizza Need, it began serving the regional pies all the way back in 1973. Beau Jo's has since opened several other locations, all of which allow customers to create their own mountain-style pies. Per the menu, the company offers up to 50 different toppings to choose from. This highlights how versatile Colorado-style pies are, as they can be topped with just about anything.

The thick-crust pizza has become more and more popular since its inception, too, even if it's still mostly found in Colorado. High Mountain Pies, Hops & Pie, and Rocky Mountain Pizza Co. all serve this regional dish. Anyone visiting Colorado will want to add these restaurants to their itinerary, especially if they're hoping to track down the best Colorado-style pizza. Unfortunately, it has yet to make its way around the country, so finding this dish elsewhere will prove a difficult task. While thick crust and honey are becoming more common, Colorado is the main place you'll find the two combined.