You Should Be Mixing Grape Soda With Your Nightly Glass Of Red Wine

The unexpected pairing of red wine and grape soda may raise eyebrows, but it's a surprisingly delightful concoction that adds a touch of nostalgia into the mix. While the concept of mixing grape soda with red wine may seem unconventional, this cocktail is a close relative of sangria, which combines wine and juice — just without the extra fizz.  

If you are wondering how this combination works, the sweetness of grape soda counteracts the astringency of red wine making it more approachable, especially for those who are new to wine. With wine being made from grapes and red wine getting its color from the grape's skin, it almost seems to just make sense to pair red wine with grape soda. As for the recipe, it's a simple equal-part combination of wine and grape juice, plus ice. These two-ingredient cocktails make winding down seemingly effortless. Plus, with red wine being considered heart-healthy when consumed in moderation according to the Mayo Clinic, you're provided with yet another reason to explore this distinctive combination. 

Various ways to mix grape soda and red wine

There are nearly as many ways to embrace this unique fusion of grape soda and red wine as there are types of red wine. Try using a robust red wine like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, allowing its notes to meld with the effervescence of grape soda. Ensure that if you choose a lighter wine, you start with a smaller amount of soda and then adjust the amount accordingly. This is to avoid any sweetness overload. Additionally, trying different variations of grape soda flavors — ranging from classic Welch's grape soda to even making your own — can further elevate the experience. 

Although making your own soda can be a bit time-consuming, it's definitely worth the extra effort and allows you to know exactly what is in your grape soda. Just be prepared to let your homemade mixture sit anywhere from 24 hours to a week, depending on the recipe. If you want to skip some steps, you can substitute ripe grapes for grape juice and still achieve the same effect.

If grape soda isn't your thing, you can also try red wine and coke. Just grab your favorite fruit-forward wine like Pinot Noir or Malbec and add cola. This two-ingredient cocktail is known as a Kalimotxo and originated in Spain. So, whether you mix your wine with grape soda, pop, or cola, the real intrigue lies in what you call your fizzy sidekick.