French-Fry-Crusted Burgers Prove That (Not) Everyone Is So Creative

The classic cheeseburger will never go out of style — a succulent beef patty or two with a layer of melted cheese, crisp lettuce, a ripe tomato, and your favorite sauce all sandwiched between two soft buns is pretty close to perfection. Still, this iconic favorite has gotten some interesting makeovers through the years as hungry burger lovers experiment with just how far they can stretch a burger until it becomes something else entirely.

Burgers and fries are an undisputed pairing usually enjoyed side by side, but burger enthusiasts are challenging that norm with a french-fry-encrusted burger that feels unnatural, even though we can't seem to look away. The recipe starts with two ground beef patties, completely covered in slices of cheese. The puck of meat and cheese is then covered in batter and surrounded by chopped frozen french fries before being deep-fried in oil. 

After almost 3 million likes on a viral TikTok video of the recipe, fans still cannot make sense of this bizarre burger. One commenter claimed that the recipe is "a crime against food," while other viewers simply asked, "But why?" Another user was particularly offended by the french fry burger hack, saying, "I literally broke my neck in a car crash last night and seeing this is the worst thing that happened to me in the past 24 hours." This creative recipe might entice a willing few, but most would consider it a total food crime.

Have these outlandish burger recipes gone too far?

It seems adventurous burger lovers have had it with their traditional buns and have taken to social media to experiment with other ways to enclose their patties and cheese ... and not all of them are successful.


How did I not know this burger trick?! 🤯😍

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From the viral ramen burger that transformed instant ramen into burger buns with a patty in between, to the Krispy Kreme donut cheeseburger that uses glazed donuts as buns, we think the replacement bun trend might be going a little too far. While it is exciting to enjoy new food trends that test the limits of our imagination and our palettes, not all of these alternative cheeseburger buns are practical. 

The ramen and donut bun burgers are fun gimmicks that you can find at fairs and food festivals for a lofty price tag, but attempting the trend at home is a waste of ingredients. The same can be said of the french fry burger trend; after the initial shock factor wears off, the burger doesn't look all that appetizing or easy to eat — and the frying process limits the toppings you can add to your burger such as lettuce, tomato, pickles, or spreads that are traditionally enjoyed on burgers. Encrusting a hamburger patty in a french fry shell also takes a considerable amount of time with extra steps that the traditional burger and fries don't require. For now, we'll keep our french fries on the side, thank you.