The Coin Opening Hack That Will Help You Conquer That Stubborn Chip Bag

Okay, so we know about the chip bag-sealing hack, and the plating trick that makes serving chips and dip easier, but where's the hack for getting a stubborn bag of chips open in the first place? Not everyone has scissors on hand, nor do we want to accidentally rip the bag wide open, past the point of resealing.

Fortunately, this chip bag problem does indeed have a solution, as long as you have two coins -– ideally with grooved edges –- on hand. Place a coin on either side of the top of the bag, so that they are flat and in line with both the bag and each other. Next, twist the coins inward toward each other, essentially using their serrated edges as makeshift scissor blades. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Or, in this case, easy peasy, coin-edge squeezy.

That being said, if you have a less stubborn bag of chips or if you're looking for a more accessible opening, well, there are hacks for that, too. Even better, they don't require anything more than a bag of chips and your own hands.

Additional ways to tackle a chip bag into submission

Whether or not your chip bag is being stubborn, you can open the bag in such a way that you avoid the sealed ends altogether. First, you'll want to take advantage of your chip bag being half-empty and gently force the air inside the bag to the center. Next, puncture the bag in the center, and carefully tear it wider. If you're feeling extra crafty, you can turn that tear into a circle for ultimate snacking access. That being said, this method is only useful if you don't intend to reseal the bag, like if you're having a party or family gathering.

Similarly, if you open the bag at one of the seams –- be it using scissors, the aforementioned coin trick, or your own two hands –- you can scrunch the bag from the bottom to create an easily accessible bowl. Even better, this method doesn't damage the bag, so you can still reseal it when you're done snacking on your Doritos. Whichever bag-opening route you choose, remember to shake the bag first to disperse the seasonings that have settled to the bottom.