Babybel's Cheesy Candy Land Wants You To Connect With Your Kids The Old-Fashioned Way

Boardgames are not the most popular games nowadays, with many kids opting for the latest Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PC game instead. Babybel, a popular cheese brand best known as the maker of the iconic wax-covered, tiny cheese wheels, is determined to change that. After wading into unfamiliar territory with the release of its much-anticipated Babybel plant-based cheese wheels, the company is taking on another challenge: partnering with Hasbro on a new Candy Land game called Babybel Goodness Land. The game isn't for sale, but for a chance to win it, simply head to the website and enter your info.

The Babybel Goodness Land Sweepstakes is open to all U.S. legal residents who are over 18, but the rules state that "only one entry is allowed per person, per mailing address, or email address." The sweepstakes began on September 6 and will end on October 4. On or near October 11, the 200 winners will be announced, and each one will receive a board game and a coupon for a 9.9-ounce/14-count package of Babybel cheese.

The game includes the Babybel Goodness Land Heroes

According to a Babybel survey mentioned in the brand's latest press release, 3 in 5 parents "feel disconnected from their kids during playtime." Many kids are most interested in computers and video games, which is an area that not all parents are attuned to. Actress and author Busy Philipps, who is also a mother of two, is also partnering with Babybel to promote the game, in part because Candy Land is the first board game she ever played. Both Philipps and Babybel are also supporters of Baby2Baby, a non-profit devoted to making sure all children living in poverty have access to essentials like cribs and diapers. They're also donating to the company as a way to boost more quality play time and connection for families — and more fun that involves board games from parents' youth.

The Babybel Goodness Land Candy Land game is another link to its "Join the Goodness" campaign, which launched in 2020. The campaign created animated versions of its cheese wheels and reinvented them as red wax costumed heroes. Havas Global Creative Council helped bring the characters to life in videos. The snack heroes' names are Superbel, Flexibel, and Bigbel, and it appears these characters are also connected to this game, as they're shown on the board and included as the pieces players use to play.