KFC Finally Gives Us What The Rest Of The World Already Has: Hot And Spicy Chicken Wings

As with most fast food restaurants, KFC menus differ in other countries, and many offer items only available outside the U.S. Many internationally voyaging KFC fans have brought back tales of its hot and spicy wings, which seemed to be available everywhere but here. Luckily for us, that's all about to change with KFC announcing in a press release shared with Mashed that hot and spicy wings are coming to U.S. stores. 

While 2016 saw KFC roll out its new Nashville hot chicken strips for those craving something spicy, what many fans were really hoping for was hot and spicy wings. The company complied — sort of — in 2019, bringing back Kentucky Fried Wings as a regular menu item, with the options of plain, honey barbecue, Buffalo, and Nashville hot. But the new offering kicks it up a notch.

The spicy-marinated, hand-breaded, worldwide favorite will cost $4.99 for eight hot and spicy wings for a limited time beginning September 10. The new item launches just before football season, because really, nothing goes better with a football game than a plate of fiery chicken wings. Beginning September 7, customers who order on Thursday's Kentucky Fried Chicken Night also get free delivery — if they order through the KFC app or website.

Just in time for football season

KFC also posted the announcement on its Instagram page. The news was met with many excited comments from fans. "These look so tasty! I'll order for the family. These are great value!" commented one. Another simply wrote, "Finally." It's also worth mentioning that former football star and current college football coach Deion Sanders (along with his family) struck a deal in June with KFC to promote its food. So, it's not surprising that he's featured in a new video showing his love for the hot and spicy wings, while one of his sons refers to the new wings as "legendary."

To keep up with the football theme, KFC has also partnered with Amazon Prime Video and Twitch to bring football fans insider info from sports journalist Taylor Rooks and Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins. The new content will begin on September 14 on Prime Video during the Eagles vs. Vikings game.